The incredible subterfuge of a mother infiltrating her daughter’s college

To shed light on the security flaws in American schools, Casey Garcia has found a very specific solution. But things quickly escalated.

The question of safety in schools in the United States is still so debated that a mother wanted to go and see for herself what was happening in her daughter’s school. Casey Garcia, a resident of Texas, has infiltrated her daughter’s college for a whole day in San Elizario posing as a 13-year-old girl. The goal ? Prove that it is too easy to enter schools, and that the security systems in place are far from being effective enough to prevent yet another shootout. It must be said that in terms of disguise, Casey Garcia did not really widen, and it worked very well.

The mother simply put on a mask and carried a backpack to sneak into her daughter’s school. And according to his own video relayed by the New York Post, the teaching staff saw nothing but fire. From the hallways to the canteen to the classrooms, Casey Garcia was able all day pretend to be a college girl, until a teacher finally noticed. But things got a lot further than the mother would have liked, and the situation took a turn much more serious than a simple little infiltration.

How did a mother pass herself off as a college girl?

After being denounced by a teacher more observant than the others, Casey Garcia was arrested and detained for suspected criminal intrusion and falsification of official documents. An accusation that is certainly justified, but which she did not expect at all since she wanted above all “prevent another mass shooting. I’m telling you, we need better safety in our schools, that’s what I tried to proveThis does not mean, however, that Casey Garcia wanted to provoke such a big reaction, and she herself admits that it should not have gone so far. It must be said that despite a laudable goal, the unorthodox method was doomed. to attract criticism from school officials It remains to be seen whether, as a result, the security of the college will be reinforced or not.

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