El hijo de Hulk podrá aparecer en la serie de She-Hulk

Skaar, the Hulk’s son, could make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut for the She-Hulk series. The news opens a range of options.

The world of Hulk has been greatly diminished in the last years of the UCM, as he is the only one of the Avengers that has not had more than one movie. In addition, despite the fact that the remembered 2008 film is considered canon within the timeline, it seems to be very isolated.

This has been tried to change a bit including the General Thaddeus E. “Thunderbolt” Ross on Civil War, Infinity War Y Endgame. For his part, the actor who played Abomination, Tim Roth, will return in the role for the series of She-Hulk.

Nevertheless, Mark Ruffalo has not had the confidence to develop the story of the hero alone. In fact, Jennifer Walters, the first of Bruce Banner, will star in a production before him.

However, it seems that the show Disney+ on Among will be the door for him Hulkverso expand and there are theories that strengthen the idea.

The first is the role that Abomination will play in the content, since it is most likely that the direct rivalry with Banner will be reactivated, who will finally be able to see himself in action after a long time.

Even so, it should be noted that, after some leaks of images from the set, it was learned that the story will occur after the snap of the fingers of Tony Stark. This was confirmed because Ruffalo was seen wearing the costume of Smart Hulk. The above suggests a less destructive profile for the entity.

Another of the theories emerged in the last hours and it is about the Hulk genealogy. The green being had a child on the planet Sakaar, which is called Scissors. According Screenrant, the latter could appear in the project in question.

If so, it would be an adult version of it, which would have been conceived between Age of Ultron Y Thor: Ragnarok. Also, as in the comics, he could come to Earth with the intention of killing his progenitor. However, then you could join in and help.

There is still no actor associated with the role. For its part, She-Hulk will premiere in 2022. Will the inclusion of all these characters and the launch of said series lead to more Hulk projects?

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