The five most surprising anecdotes of the European Championship

Today begins the Euro 2020, a competition that will go down in history to be held a year later due to the pandemic of the coronavirus and for being the only edition, so far, that is celebrated in several venues distributed by the European continent.

The Eurocup is a competition that has left some memories or other in the history of football. Do you want to know them? We begin.

Henri Delaunay, the founder of the Euro who accidentally swallowed a whistle

Henri Delaunay, founder of the Eurocup / Getty Images

Henri Delaunay (1883-1955) is one of the founding fathers of this competition, the current trophy bears his name in his honor.

Delaunay was a soccer player and arbitrator, although he was unlucky. Coaching a match, AF Garenne – Doves against Benevolence, he received a ball that caused him to lose two teeth and accidentally swallow the whistle.

In the 1920s, Delaunay became one of the founding members of the UEFA. In 1927 he had the idea of ​​creating a competition similar to the America Cup in Europe, but his idea was not carried out until 1960 when the first edition of the European Championship was held.

The Panenka penalty was lived in the 1976 Eurocup

The Euro 1976 will be remembered for that edition that won the selection of the Czech Republic which, coincidentally, was only composed of three czech players. The rest of the staff was from Slovakia.

The only Czechs from that team who managed to beat the German team were Ivo Viktor, Zdenek Nehoda Y Antonin Panenka.

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That final reached the penalty shootout, where Doll made history with a shot that managed to beat the German goalkeeper. That shot has been emulated by many footballers years later.

Antonin Panenka

Antonin Panenka
/ Getty Images

The match in which it was decided to coin

The protagonist of this story is the Italian national team. The only European title that the “azzurra” has was achieved as follows.

Italy managed to reach the final of the edition of 1968, which was held in Italy. The Italians reached the semifinal of the tournament where they faced the Soviet Union.

The match ended in a goalless draw and the finalist decided to flip. The captains of both teams, Giacinto Facchetti Y Albert Shestenov, they went to the locker room with the match referee.

The coin came out in favor of the Italians where more than 70,000 fans who were in the stands were waiting expectantly for the result of the coin. Finally, the Italians went to the final where they faced the selection of Yugoslavia.

In that final the match ended with a draw to one and this time the organizers decided to do a tiebreaker match instead of playing the title heads or tails.

Selection of Italy 1968

Italy national team 1968 / Getty Images

The silver goal system was implemented in Euro 2004

The golden goal It is a system that FIFA implemented to expedite the extensions. Two Euro Cups were won thanks to this system (Germany 1996 and France 2000).

This system was not convincing and the idea of silver goal, with the aim of ending the game in case there is a goal in the first overtime. The last silver goal that was lived in a Eurocup was in 2004 when selecting Greece managed to prevail in the semifinals against the Czech Republic.

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We remember that Greece was proclaimed champion of Europe in that edition against the Portuguese team and host of that one Eurocup.

Greek team champion of Euro 2004

Greek national team champion of Euro 2004 / Getty Images

Denmark, the substitute team that won the Euro

Year 1992, the selection of Yugoslavia was classified for the Eurocup that year, but the UEFA decides to exclude her from the competition due to the civil war situation they were experiencing.

There was a free place for the Euro 1992 and the decision is made invite Denmark to fill the position of Yugoslavia. Something that had surprised all the Danes, so much so, that they celebrated it in style.

Selection of Denmark European champion 1992

Denmark national team 1992 European champion / Getty Images

What nobody expected is that Denmark will be proclaimed as European champion in that edition, the only great title the Danes have.

As you can see, the Eurocup has left many stories to remember. What will the Euro 2020 hold for us?

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