The Civil Guard only worked with the hypothesis that Tomás Gimeno would end the lives of Anna and Olivia

The discovery of Olivia’s body off the coast of Tenerife allows the agents to match their suspicions about the disappearance with tangible evidence.

Poster distributed by the family to find Toms Gimeno and the girls.

The Civil Guard I found late this Thursday afternoon the corpse of Olivia, the older of the two girls kidnapped in Tenerife by your father Toms Gimeno last April 27 after he decided not to return the girls to his ex-wife and warned him that he would not see them again.

The body of the minor was inside a bag tied to the anchor of the motorboat. Gimeno, as specified by sources of the investigation. It was located at a depth of 1,000 meters one mile off the Tenerife coast.

The discovery came only three days after the snar of the Armed Institute found in the sea a bottle of compressed air and a duvet cover owned by Toms Gimeno.

The agents then showed their conviction that the bottle could be used to weigh the bodies, as well as the anchor, because when the investigators found Gimeno’s boat hours after the disappearances of Anna y Olivia it was empty and adrift.

The discovery of the Nordic sheath and the compressed air bottle in the ocean has been a vitally important advance for the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard from Tenerife on the disappearance from Anna Y Olivia for two reasons: because it allows them to marry their suspicions with tangible evidence in the construction of what could have happened and because it seals the predominant hypothesis that they have always maintained.

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Hours after Beatriz, the mother of girls from Tenerife, denounced that her ex-husband had not returned them on the night of April 27 after warning her that he would not see them again, the agents knew that the main scene in which to search was the Atlantic.

TENERIFE | They find the body of Olivia, the eldest of the missing sisters with her father

They find the body of Olivia, the eldest of the missing sisters with her father in Tenerife

The theory of a hypothetical early-morning escape by Toms with little Anna and Olivia out to sea never found a place in the inquiries.

The researchers were aware of the difficulty of the matter and also of its delicacy, especially of the latter. They learned of the need to present well-constructed conclusions to the mother that, they anticipated, were going to be constructed without explicit evidence, but with a powerful bouquet of clues.

They had no material evidence and were not confident of finding it given the complexity of a search in the ocean more than 1,000 meters deep -which has not allowed divers to submerge- and with a rocky and steep underwater orography.

On the contrary, they clearly sensed what had happened after approaching the tormented personality of Toms Gimeno and his refusal not only to accept Beatriz’s new relationship but also to allow Anna and Olivia to spend time with him. Nor did they ignore the fact that the father had not returned the girls to Beatriz and the warning from her ex-husband. They conclude at face value that none of the three left the island.

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The images of a port camera that captured Toms without the girls – after spending an hour alone with them at home – transporting military mats from his car to the boat, his entry into the sea, the return without packages to load his The mobile phone and the fact that he got back into the ocean with the boat and sent goodbye messages to his friends were decisive for the agents.

Throughout this month and a half, Beatriz She has been a hothouse of feelings by being convinced that Toms and his daughters are in a remote country. She has attributed the surprise appearance – no one expected to find anything at the bottom of the ocean – of the compressed air bottle and the quilt to an alleged preconceived plan of her ex-husband to mislead.

The agents meanwhile are investigating whether that bottle could have been used as a method of clothing and are also trying to find the anchor of Toms’ boat, suspecting that it could have also served as a sinking mechanism.

The objects that have been found will be examined in the Criminalistics Laboratory of the Civil Guard of Madrid, just as the DNA samples collected at Toms Gimeno’s home, where he spent about two hours alone with the girls after returning from their parents’ home.

The appearance of the Duvet cover and the Toms bottle has surprised the researchers themselves, who had no expectations of finding conclusive evidence in the search area before the arrival of the snar.

In fact, the oceanographic vessel was scheduled to leave last Tuesday, a day after he detected the objects that further underpinned the theory that researchers have held from the beginning and that they were already fundamental to be able to respond to the disappearances.

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The snar, together with the robot, was going to definitively withdraw from the search work next Monday, but the discovery yesterday afternoon of the body of one of the girls could condition that return and extend it before the possibility of expanding the search to be able to give with the whereabouts of the little girl, Anna one by one, and his own Toms Gimeno.

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