The Civil Guard believes that the father of the girls from Tenerife decided to assassinate them on the same day of the crime
Image of several Civil Guard patrol boats docked at the Santa Cruz de Tenerife dock.Miguel Barreto / EFE

It is possible that Tomás Gimeno had thought about it before. It is possible that this 37-year-old businessman from Tenerife could have fantasized about taking his own life, even taking it from his daughters, Olivia and Anna, aged six and one, as long as they did not live with Beatriz Zimmerman, mother of the little ones, and her new partner, a 60-year-old Belgian man who was even assaulted by Gimeno in a chance encounter a few months ago. But nothing makes the Civil Guard investigators think, after almost a month and a half of investigations and five searches in the house of their property (in Igüeste de la Candelaria, Tenerife), that there was a meticulous premeditation to commit this crime of violence against gender. “You’re not going to see them again,” he told Zimmerman by phone on April 27, when she called him to bring the girls, who had spent the afternoon with their father.

Then the three disappeared, until at noon this Thursday, the underwater robot Liropus, from the Vigo oceanographic ship Angeles Alvariño, located a thousand meters deep and three miles from the coast two sports bags tied to the anchor of Gimeno’s boat. Inside one of the bags was Olivia’s body. The other was empty. Researchers suspect that little Anna was in it, which they continue to search relentlessly in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, in an area of ​​a few meters.

This confirmed what was the main hypothesis of the researchers from the first moment: “He sedated them, put them in bags and threw them to the bottom of the sea before committing suicide.” The results of the autopsy, which will be carried out on Olvia’s body in the coming days, will be able to confirm this hypothesis and will determine if the girls died asphyxiated or drowned, that is, if he took their lives before throwing them to the bottom of the sea.

Missing minors in Tenerife.  Olivia and Anna.
Missing minors in Tenerife. Olivia and Anna.SOS Missing

On the table in the living room of the five times searched Gimeno’s house, a large chalet with a garden, where the neighbors heard the two girls playing on the same afternoon of the day they disappeared, the agents found some pill bottles. “It was the anti-inflammatories that he [Gimeno] he drank for pain due to a motorcycle accident that he had suffered recently, “say sources close to the investigation. The researchers believe that “he could use them to sedate the little ones”, since no signs of violence have been found either at home, on the boat, or in the car, nor has the purchase of any other drug been detected. .

The absence of vestiges and evidence that could put the agents on any other clue led the investigators to focus on three scenarios: Gimeno’s house (the last place where the little girls were seen alive with their father); his car (registered by the cameras of the Marina de Güimar), in which he transported up to six bags and duffel bags; and his boat, a boat with which he practiced diving, where he carried – on three consecutive trips – that night all the packages, as also certified by the guard at the port of Güimar. In the boat, found adrift the morning after the complaint filed by the mother for the disappearance of the girls, nothing relevant was found either, but an absence was noted: that of the anchor.

Thus, the investigation began to be directed towards the things that were missing in their environment or the family members missed: clothes, luggage, utensils, suitcases, money … The agents draw attention to the fact that all the elements that they have been making fit the pieces of this terrifying puzzle “are part of the daily life” of Gimeno, there is “nothing expressly sought” to commit the crime, “he could have thought about it before, but everything indicates that he was solving on the fly”, that is why he did not There were decisive tests, or cronies, they warn after having analyzed his life in depth.

The phone

“Nothing either on his mobile, he did not make any suspicious queries, or on his computer,” the same sources say. A mobile phone that served to geolocate the last point where it emitted signals, already at dawn, on the high seas, while sending goodbye messages to friends and family. A mobile phone that ran out of battery and forced him to return to port in the middle of the night, when he was intercepted by a patrol boat that stopped him for being outside the curfew, established by the pandemic in those days. “They searched the boat and there were no packages of any kind, by then they had already been thrown into the sea,” confirm sources of the investigation. He recharged the phone battery in the port, as certified by the watchman, and returned to the same point in the ocean, where the depth is greater than a thousand meters.

The researchers are now looking for Gimeno’s body in the same area as that of little Anna, because they suspect that she used her diving belt to sink without the possibility of return at that same point in the ocean.

The fact that Gimeno went to the garage to change the brakes of his car that same day makes the investigators think that there was no excessive premeditation: “What is the point of going to fix your vehicle if you want to end your life that same afternoon? ”, State the experts in criminal profiles, who also draw attention to the fact that all the elements used in this parricide were part of“ the daily environment of the alleged murderer: a sheet from his house, his sports bags, his anti-inflammatories, his diving equipment, the anchor of his boat, his mobile … ”.

The agents point to another fact that denotes little premeditation. At night, Gimeno returned to her parents’ house, whom she had visited with the girls hours before, and left her dog there, without them knowing. “They knew that he had left it, already the next morning, when they found it there,” say sources of the investigation. “He had to solve it on the fly,” they say.

The money transfers, which initially generated suspicions and speculations about a potential leak, “are payments to suppliers, typical of your company, they have no relevance in the investigation”, point out the agents, who recall that also “at some point that afternoon -night, he gave 2,900 euros to the one who at that time was his girlfriend, in a package: “It’s for you to fulfill a dream,” he told her, and asked him not to open it until after 00.00 in the morning “, they relate.

A bottom sheet and an oxygen bottle were the first objects detected with the sonar and underwater robot tracking last Tuesday. The family confirmed that they belonged to Gimeno and that centralized a titanic search that still continues at the bottom of the sea.

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