Teleworking at home and without air conditioning: how to withstand the heat in the best possible way

The summer months are coming and the high temperatures are becoming more noticeable, especially for those people who do not have air conditioning at home and live in areas where thermometers rise the most in the summer season. This problem is further aggravated when you have to telecommute from home.

Therefore, you can follow a series of tips and recommendations to make the heat more bearable in the home when air conditioning is not available, the main instrument to cool rooms easily and simply.

Tricks to maintain a comfortable temperature at home

The first and most important recommendation to try to achieve a comfortable temperature during the summer months is to keep the house well insulated. Therefore, if the orientation of the house makes the sun enter directly, it is best to have all the windows and blinds closed, although no air enters, which, on the other hand, is going to be hot air.

Also, the trick to getting a good temperature is in let in air and ventilate during the cooler hours of the day, that is, at dawn and during the early hours of the morning. Opening the windows and blinds at these times is essential to refresh the environment and, later, in the central hours of the day, close everything to maintain the temperature achieved inside, creating shade inside.

Avoiding heat sources in the home can also help keep the temperature from rising. The oven, hair straighteners and clothes irons, but also computers, television or household appliances are some of the devices that work with energy and, therefore, give off heat during their operation.

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Turning on the computer if you are teleworking is inevitable, but the rest of the devices can be kept off. Likewise, if it must be cooked, it is better to do it with dishes that do not need the ceramic hob and, if this is not possible, turn on the extractor hood to eliminate fumes and not overload the environment.

Finally, the thermal curtains that better insulate the house from the cold in winter, they also serve to insulate from high temperatures. In bedding, it is recommended to opt for materials such as cotton or silk, in addition to giving priority to white or lighter colors.

Tricks to cool off during the workday

If despite all these tips with which to keep the house cooler in the hours of maximum heat, you still cannot withstand the heat and high temperatures, you can apply some more specific tricks to cool off.

First, the fansAlthough they do not cool the house, they can help to cool and avoid the sticky feeling of heat that occurs when you spend many hours in front of the computer working with high temperatures. In addition, there are some small table fans They plug in with USB to the computer and are very comfortable to put out the oppressive heat.

On the other hand, something as simple as buy a sprayer It can help to refresh not only the environment, but also oneself. Filling the bottle with water and putting it in the fridge and then spraying it a couple of times from time to time is a very effective cooling trick. Equally, It can be sprayed in the air directly or on curtains.

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Drinking plenty of water is essential at all times of the year and during all hours of the day, but even more so in summer, especially, so as not to fall into dehydration and avoid the feeling of dryness and overwhelm caused by excess heat. Always having a bottle of cold water on hand will alleviate this problem and help you feel better.

You can also choose create your own air conditioner, using plastic bottles to fill them with water and freeze them, in such a way that they are placed behind the fan and, thus, during the movement, the air will come out colder. You can also choose to be placed a towel moistened with cold water on the legs, on the nape or on the forehead to cool off.


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