Tekin suffers a setback and Ömer’s identity could be revealed, in the next chapter

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  • Emre Mete Sönmez is the young actor who gives life to Ömer in this emotional story

  • Meryem y Levent son interpretados por Gizem Arıkan y Ali Yasin Özegemen

It seems that Tekin’s plan is seamless. Ömer’s fake mother is not making Meryem doubt her true identity. “Enjoy these days, they will be the last” the businessman gloats. But a setback arises that could make things very complicated. The doctored photo, in which the actress appeared with little Ömer, has entered the mansion. And if Levent sees the photo, he will realize the true identity of the little one. Will Levent finally find out that the child in her house is her son? In the next chapter of ‘Ömer, stolen dreams’ we will leave doubts.

Meryem’s Anguish

Meryem can’t believe what her Aunt Neriman has told her: Ömer’s mother has returned and wants to take her son away. “Please, let it be a misunderstanding” the young woman says desperately. But something inside her tells her not to trust that stranger so easily: “I have to find out who that woman is exactly.”. Ömer’s sister doesn’t think about it for a second and goes to her father’s house to talk to her. The actress hired by Tekin the story to tell has been perfectly learned. And that doesn’t help a frail Meryem who just wants her brother to be happy. Upon his return to the Metehanoğlu mansion, Levent receives her still with the shock in his body for not knowing where she was.

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Levent, worried about Meryem

The young woman is in a mess: “How am I going to tell Levent about this? He has the right to know the truth ”. But while she can only think about the future that will hold Ömer, Levent hears her behind the door and thinks those words refer to her feelings for him.

Ömer’s story, Monday through Friday, at Divinity

Little Ömer’s fake mother is clear that she has to win the child’s heart so that the plan does not fail. Y, Despite telling Meryem that he was not going to come to talk to the little boy, he does not keep his promise. How will Ömer react to the arrival of his supposed mother? Will he agree to go with her and leave Meryem? To find out what will happen to the brothers, you cannot miss the next chapters of ‘Ömer, stolen dreams’. Monday to Friday at 7:45 p.m. at Divinity.

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