Soraya Arnelas tells how she managed to get pregnant with her chronic disease: "Confinement has benefited"

  • Soraya Arnelas is expecting her second daughter with Miguel Ángel

  • The singer had doubts if she could get pregnant again due to the chronic disease she suffers

Soraya Arnelas is in the middle of its pregnancy. The artist, who has wanted to be patient and wait a reasonable time to break the news, announced a few days ago that she will be the mother of a girl whom she will call Olivia. Both she and Miguel Ángel, his partnerThey had been trying to be parents for the second time for a while and they have succeeded four years after the birth of Manuela, their first daughter together.

Throughout this time, the singer has believed on many occasions that she would not be able to get pregnant again due to the chronic disease that suffers. Following the news of this pregnancy, many followers have contacted the artist to find out more about this process and how she has managed to become a mother for the second time.

Chronic stress, the disease suffered by Soraya Arnelas

The singer has wanted to make her story public to try to help women who may find herself in the same situation as her. As he has explained through his social networks, Arnelas has been working since he was 16 years old “without stopping and without limits”, something that has taken its toll on his body and mind: “My stress is not emotional or psychological, it is physical. That is what makes my body not react or it is not so easy to get pregnant ”, he explained.

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Soraya Arnelas’s problems to get pregnant

De Manuela cost him “much more” because at that time he had more stress than now. Four years ago, when they first tried it, both she and her partner spent three months following strict training and feeding guidelines. “The conclusions I have is that sports, diet and everything that affects emotionally influences,” he said.

This year, thanks to confinement, “the stress issue dropped a lot” and managed to get pregnant again. “By not having a tour, a concert or such a strict sports routine, this break has benefited,” he says.

Soraya Arnelas’ struggle to be a mother

The singer has confessed that “yes or yes” she wanted to be a mother. “If I couldn’t have children, I was going to adopt or look at other types of techniques”, has assured through their social networks. This was an emotional weight that she had to lift when it came to wanting to have her first child. In the end, the singer understood that if she couldn’t be “naturally” nothing would happen and that to some extent that thought was “a scourge that sometimes society and we ourselves create”.

“There are women who really have problems and are affected by emotional processes or medication. At those times it is not the best to look for a child, “he advises. The singer, based on her experience, considers that “the mind is very powerful” and that These processes are also influenced by the partner, the environment, the emotional and the physical.

“A good start is an exercise in reflection with oneself and saying to oneself: nothing happens, sometimes one cannot be so naturally”, she reflects. Soraya Arnelas has wanted to tell other women that they are in the same process that many times the body “makes it impossible” to be a mother, but that deep down it can be “in many ways”: “You don’t have to have a child to be a mother. One is not better for having a natural child of hers ”.

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