Sonsoles Ónega decomposes live: short a hurtful analysis about Anna and Olivia

The discovery of the lifeless body of the eldest of the girls in Tenerife has turned a whole country into a bad body. Also to Sonsoles Ónega, who has been forced to cut live the speech of a criminalist narrating with absolute realism the case of Anna and Olivia.

The presenter of ‘It’s already noon’ has lived an uncomfortable moment. The ‘Ángeles Alvariño’ remained in the image while the authorities continued on board with the tracking of the two bodies that still remain to appear in Tenerife waters when Sonsoles Ónega gave way to José Jiménez, a forensic criminalist who said that “the case was going to be solved at sea.”

“I would ask you, because we are all a bit shrunken, that we contain some details”

In line with this shocking hypothesis of the professional, the journalist has taken the opportunity to delve into what still remains to be resolved, since after the appearance of Olivia’s body, the baby Anna is still being searched at the bottom of the sea: “What chance is there of finding the sister’s body? I’m not asking about the father’s, may God forgive me … “.

“I have to be clear, because If you contact professionals, it is so that we can speak clearly. 44 days have passed, we are going to make many hypotheses, but one of them is that the anchor carried two packages: one to Olivia and the other to her sister Anna “, Jiménez began warning in connection with the Telecinco space.

Sonsoles Ónega, in ‘It’s already noon’. (Mediaset)

It was then when, indeed, the criminalist narrated with lacerating clarity what could have happened under the waters of Tenerife: “When has that body been able to leave? How many days has it been able to leave? Unfortunately a little body will swell between the two and three days, it will float and until the gases do not escape from the body again it will not return to the bottom. It is a very small body and there are many predators: amphipods, crustaceans, octopuses, squid, prawns, crabs … A series of underwater fauna that is very predatory“.

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Ónega, overwhelmed and decomposed before such an analysis, would interrupt her story in her tracks: “Jose, no! You started by saying, ‘when an expert is called, it is to explain things clearly’, but … I would also ask, because we are all a bit cramped, that we contain some details. It is inevitable that we imagine and visualize it“.

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