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The Province of Buenos Aires and the City of Buenos Aires began to send citations for the second dose of the Sputnik vaccine. On Wednesday night, from the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health, led by Daniel Gollan and Nicolás Kreplak, 165,000 calls went out to complete the vaccination of those who received dose 1 of Sputnik V mainly in March. The same is scheduled for this Thursday and Friday in CABA. The Buenos Aires Ministry of Health, in charge of Fernán Quirós, hopes to have all the second doses applied, at the latest, on Sunday. On the horizon there are new groups to be cited and more flights with vaccines that will arrive in Ezeiza.

As is known, this week a plane arrived from Russia with 400,000 doses 2 of Sputnik V. The vaccines were distributed this Thursday and the shifts were immediately carried out. Combined with Sputnik and AstraZeneca Dose 1, this Thursday the Province of Buenos Aires broke the vaccination record: 128,000 people in a single day.

Protection from the first dose

The Province of Buenos Aires conducted a study, the first outside of Russia, on the effectiveness of the first dose of Sputnik V and concluded that it provides 78 percent protection against a new contagion and 84 percent against the possibility of taking the seriously ill. I mean, what the vaccinated have a very strong first defense, but almost everyone who received dose 1 in March – generally elderly people – is very anxious and nervous about the second dose. Contributing to this nervousness is the sinister opposition campaign that, to avoid vaccination, suggests that those who do not have both doses are not vaccinated. In Canada, for example, today 63 percent of the population is vaccinated with dose 1 and only 9 percent with dose 2. With the 400,000 arrivals this Tuesday, almost all of the second pending doses would be covered. of those who were vaccinated with the first dose in the first half of March, although in CABA they affirm that about 50,000 should receive the complementary dose by the end of June.

As the government of Axel Kicillof explained yesterday, the antibodies from the first dose do not expire, they do not cease to exist, and there is no problem in extending the time to the second dose somewhat. Therefore, the strategy continues to be to vaccinate more and more people with the initial dose, to give them a first protection, and not to focus on dose 2, which is limited to reinforcing the first.

In this framework, people between 40 and 49 years old are already being cited in the Province of Buenos Aires, with different rhythms according to the districts. It happens that in some municipalities there are few very old people, so vaccination of younger people progresses faster. In other districts, the situation is the reverse: older people and slower to reach 40-49. The question of the number of registrations in each district is also very important. That causes some complaints – few – from those who are waiting to be cited and say that other younger people are getting vaccinated in the next town.

More vaccines

According to the Vaccination Monitor of the Ministry of Health, there are 2,500,000 vaccines that have been distributed and have not yet been applied. At an average of 300,000 applications per day, there are enough doses for the next eight days. If things are going normally, the following games should arrive in this period:

* A flight will arrive from the United States next Monday with 934,200 doses, as confirmed by Minister Vizzotti. In addition, another 800 thousand more doses are expected to arrive from Mexico during that same week.

* A new party of Sputnik V will arrive from Moscow. The usual is 500,000 doses.

* And an additional flight will come from Albuquerque, United States, where millions of vaccines whose active substance was manufactured in Argentina were finished.

* Further back in time, on June 25 or 26, two million doses of Sinopharm come from China.

It is possible that during this Thursday it will be known exactly when those flights arrive. Meanwhile, vaccination is proceeding apace and, as Minister Daniel Gollan stated, people aged 30 to 39 may be vaccinated before the end of June.


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