Sectors of Junts request the resignation of Jordi Sànchez as secretary general of the party

Sectors of Junts are organizing to stand up and present a possible alternative to Jordi Sànchez as secretary general of the party after the discomfort that his interpretation of 1-O has generated, added to the criticism of him for how he carried out the negotiation with ERC.

This has been explained by various sources consulted by Europa Press, after Sànchez assured that he believes that 1-O was conceived more to force the Government to negotiate than to proclaim independence.

These words have already caused Junts leaders to publicly question his words, including the vice presidents of the party, Elsa Artadi and Josep Rius, as well as the Minister of Justice, Lourdes Ciuró, the party spokeswoman in Congress, Míriam Nogueras, and the former advisor to Ramon Tremosa as MEP and former President Quim Torra, Aleix Sarri, and so did the former president himself Chem Roast and the president of the ANC, Elisenda Paluzie.

In fact, this discomfort by various sectors of the party comes from afar for its left-most profile, So it goes back beyond the suspicion that also raised its role in the negotiations with ERC, since they consider that it had a predominant role, not allowing ex-councilors like Jordi Turull to participate, and without almost passing information to the management.

Signatures for your resignation

Critics with Sànchez have already begun to meet in internal conclaves then and now they want to accelerate these meetings with the intention of planting a battle against the Secretary General of the Boards, to which some They want to pressure so that on Monday he places his position at the disposal of the National Executive, other sources point out.

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In fact, they have driven a text for the militants to sign they want, in which they ask “for the resignation of the general secretary of the Boards or for him to place his position at the disposal of the affiliates in the form of a vote for their dismissal” if they so decide.

In the text, to which Europa Press has had access, the “discontent for the inadmissible” Sànchez’s statements and it is collected that those who joined the Junts did so to make effective the popular mandate that emerged from the polls on October 1, being the pillar of the political project that the party defends.

“The statements of the secretary general, saying that he thought that the referendum was not to declare the independence of Catalonia, They are an insult to the people who exercised their right to vote at the risk of their lives, an insult to the exiles, prisoners and reprisals (many of them retaliated for asking for their freedom, among others) and a lack of respect to the affiliates of Junts “, highlights the document.

Puigdemont could call an extraordinary congress

While waiting for Junts to celebrate the first anniversary of its founding congress at the end of July, the organizational presentation establishes that the national congress will meet ordinarily every two years, and one of a consultative nature will be convened annually to review the political orientation.

In addition, the Executive, through its president, who is Carles Puigdemont, can call an extraordinary congress whenever he deems it convenient, and it must also do it when requested by 10% of affiliates with current payment.

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Coinciding with the first anniversary of the party, the first National Council of training during the second half of July, and a motion for a resolution is expected to be voted on to claim and “reaffirm the legitimacy of 1-O as the founding moment of the Catalan republic”.

The territorial power of Sanchez

Despite the intentions of the critics, they admit that Sànchez has “a lot of territorial power” and organic in the party, and they accuse him of having stopped any debate on the strategic line of independence to follow until the possible arrival of pardons by the central government.

In addition, they assure that Sànchez’s relationship with the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont has also cooled, to the point that they consider that it has broken “the bridges with Waterloo”.

However, the sources consulted specify that, in the event that the Government grants the pardons, Sànchez plans that the first visit let it be to Puigdemont.


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