Rosell, on the girls: “He is not a madman or a serial killer, he is the face of machismo”

The government delegate against gender violence, María Victoria Rosell, has regretted the discovery of the body of Olivia, one of the two missing minors together with his father for more than a month in Tenerife, who “is not a madman or a serial murderer, he is the face of the machismo of that man who does not tolerate the freedom of women or their equality.”

In an interview with Radio Nacional de España collected by Europa Press, Rosell warned that “there are already many” minors killed by gender violence, 41 since 2013 and 4 orphans this year “all with the same pattern”.

“He is not a madman or a serial murderer, he is the face of the machismo of that man who does not tolerate the freedom of women or their equality and against that we must fight the institutions and the whole of society every day not only when the worst happens “, has manifested.

Rosell has regretted that the confirmation of the discovery of the body of the minor is “the worst news”, although he acknowledges that the investigation experts in the Canary Islands and the movement of the ship in recent days “made us fear the worst.”

Asked if she had spoken with the mother of the minors, she stressed that “you have to respect the grief and the surroundings.” In his opinion, the institutions and authorities cannot “break into” people’s lives at the time of a process “so hard directly because they have a personal role”, but what must be done “precisely” is to intervene through of the psychological, social and legal help that you need at this time.

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In addition, he believes it necessary that to improve the protection of minors, it is necessary to react “before this happens”, to any hint or “irrational indication of a parent involved in a criminal process or even signs of violence that occur in the separation or divorce without the mother having denounced ”.

In this sense, it has defended, as has just been foreseen in the Child Protection Law or in the Law of Support for People with Disabilities, the possibility of “suspending the visitation regime” before a mother and children who are afraid . “You must always listen to children, as these laws say. That fear is a symptom of violence ”, he pointed out.

Precisely, with regard to childhood and in view of the entry into force on June 24 of the Child Protection Law, Rosell sees “urgent” protecting children as a “direct victim” of sexist violence.

Currently, María Victoria Rosell sees “unfortunately foreseeable” an increase in gender violence as normality recovers and that is why she assures that it is necessary to “alert in every place of holiday party or leisure”.

Thus, he recalled that “there are resources to warn against machismo” because the pandemic of violence against women is “one pandemic over another.” “After a period of restrictions, it is as if the cap on machismo is removed. We do fear that there may be an upturn in physical and sexual violence ”, he declared.

Regarding 2020, he has said that there were fewer murders than any other year because control violence was exercised but he has asked not to trust himself. For all these reasons, it has asked all municipalities, autonomous communities and groups to be “very attentive this summer” to signs of sexist violence in the recovery of leisure time to prevent and accompany women “at the first symptom of sexist violence.”

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In relation to the State Pact against gender violence, he has advocated “isolating” those who send “very dangerous messages” to young people and adolescents of denial, of admitting inequality and the subordination of women. “Those cheating messages that are an authentic argumentative fallacy and that today they ask for life imprisonment as if that were to solve something,” he has snapped about the deniers of violence against women.

For this reason, she believes that a diagnosis is necessary to improve the response, especially in the detection, referral and accompaniment of women who do not report and who account for almost 75% in the couple and almost 90% of sexual violence, according to data from the 2019 gender violence macro-survey, in order to develop measures that “act before”.

Thus, at the social level, he has asked to move forward “preventing, detecting and accompanying” these children and those mothers in these processes, which is how minors can be saved from the “hoaxes of false reports” and those who “always have in the mouth the defense of the privileges of machismo ”.

Finally, he has approached women to tell them that they are not alone. “The first step to get out of violence is to verbalize it, ask for help, recognize yourself as a victim and there begin the path to recover a life free of violence to which you have all the right in the world,” he concluded.

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