Rosa Diez: "We do not call for the mobilization of Colón thinking of any party, but of the citizens"

Updated Saturday, June 12, 2021 –

Driving force Unin 78 and former deputy. It is an all-rounder of politics, at the regional and national level. Hardened in a thousand battles. He has become one of the most recognizable faces of the civil movement that has called the first rally against the pardons of the secessionist leaders.

Why did Union 78 decide to take the initiative to call a mobilization against possible pardons for those convicted of the procs?
Union 78 was introduced a year ago, precisely because we concluded that what it had done is Enough Now! In the Basque community – taking to the streets to defend the institutions – we had to do it at the national level, since a civic platform with a political objective was necessary: ​​to defend democracy and its institutions and to denounce those who attack them. In Spain, there was a need for an instrument of these characteristics whose objective was social mobilization, going out into the streets. We presented it in February with the intention of trying to stop the table between Catalonia and the central government. The pandemic arrived and we could not get out, although arguments were accumulating to mobilize the citizenry. Sanitary circumstances allow a concentration, and political circumstances push to do something. We call with pardons as a point of reference.
Do you think the government will consider the mobilization?
Sánchez and his people only move for electoral interest. But there will be a lot of people on the street and we will have the eyes of Europe on the act. The expectation is high, more than 100 accredited journalists. A great mobilization that is seen in Spain and that is seen in Europe has effects, of course. I already believe that a great citizen mobilization – this is the first, there will be others – will help to stop it. Other than that it is our obligation. Not because he is ashamed of what citizens think, because Sánchez is not ashamed, but because it has electoral effects. He only cares about power. It is very important that what happens is going to be seen by Europe and this photograph in the EU is brutal for the Government and is a hope for the Democrats.
The first of many?
Of all that are necessary. We will be there as long as it is necessary, summoning and moving throughout Spain. We, citizens, are going to take this Government by the lapel, citizens of all ideologies, of all beliefs …
Is the support for the call being quite transversal?
The backrest is transversal and exciting. The media is dedicated to asking political parties. It seems that the only thing that matters is what Casado, Arrimadas and Abascal are going to do. But we open a support account, and we don’t even have time to respond. There are thousands of emails. There is an avalanche from anywhere in Spain to support. There was a tremendous desire for civil society to be convened. And civic associations, all, of all kinds, from all over Spain. I lost the count. It is truly exciting. There is an email from a family signed by its 30 members, to say that they all support the initiative. There was a brutal social demand. It is the opportunity. It is truly overwhelming.
Will there be more concessions?
It’s obvious. It seems that the pardons will be approved, but the insistence that they will be approved is a weapon to demobilize the demonstration. From the Redondo factor: you have to say that we are going to approve them so that people will say, ‘Why am I going to go if they are going to approve them anyway?’ It is a demobilization strategy. They are quite desperate. The Junqueras letter is an insult to democracy. It reaffirms that there is no democracy in Spain and that there is police persecution. And that they did what they had to do because it was democratic and also they will repeat it. But since they control the media, they keep the headline. All of that is a reaction of fear to what is coming. Be careful with what we can provoke at the national and European level. More will come later. What they are preparing is the reform of the Penal Code so that the sedition disappears. Then the table will come, and if we let him, on the table he will deliver what is not his property. It is burning stages. This demonstration is not only to stop pardons but to stop future outrages, to put a lot of money on it in electoral terms. And since he is only interested in electoral matters, if it becomes too expensive, he will not do it.
The political discrepancies of the parties that endorse the concentration can cloud the act?
We are not concerned about anything. We do not make the call thinking about any party. We do it thinking about the citizens, that it is our right and that the citizens have to stop Sanchez. If the parties help us to stop him, they will not be doing more than fulfilling their obligation.
Will there be events in Catalonia?
After this come others. But for now we are going to finish and then we will see. It is highly probable. Where appropriate and necessary, we will be there.
Is the independence movement living its golden age?
The pro-independence coup. They have never had a bargain in La Moncloa like this. It is that he has, not a partner, but an inducing accomplice who encourages the seditious to break the law because later he tells them that the time for justice ends when the sentence arrives. It stimulates them, encourages them, gives them wings. They live in a golden stage. It is that they cannot believe it: having a crime inducer in charge of the BOE and the Prosecutor’s Office. They have never experienced a better stage.
Junqueras speaks and gives a landing strip to Snchez?
The letter from Junqueras, the headline, is the Redondo factor’s spot to make it appear that something has changed, so that electoral wear, which is the only thing that Sanchez cares about pardons, is less. But it is all an absolute montage. When you see the president of a government of a country who proclaims that his position is legitimized by a criminal convicted of sedition and embezzlement, this country has a problem. Sanchez has felt legitimized by a letter sent by a convicted criminal. The Prime Minister is legitimized by criminals.
Is there street hunger?
That’s. People want to meet again. They want to feel the majority on the street. This is a brutal democratic value. It is what I perceive. To meet again without shame. This beautiful pride of being able to do it together. And this is very big because it is a seed for the next day. Everything does not end here, it begins. We have to keep going. This is very big.
Does everything go through an election?
We live in democracy and there will be elections. Let’s see if we cause them to be as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we must try to stop Sanchez from spoiling it any more, stop his ravings. The pandemic came to see. Thanks to her, she had us all locked up and Parliament practically kidnapped. He advanced many steps that would have been a great deal for him in a normal stage. Now it is about the steps that you would have liked to take, they cannot be free. And those he has given because circumstances allow it without paying an electoral price.

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