‘Ratchet & Clank: A Dimension Apart’ is now available for PS5 with multiple accessibility features

PS5 players can now, from this friday, enjoy Ratchet & Clank: A Dimension Apart, the new game in the famous Insomniac Games saga that comes exclusively for the Sony console.

A new title of adventure, shooter and platformer in which, again, players will have adventures with Ratchet and Clank, but this time it will be something different. His adult story centers on a different dimension in which the evil Emperor Nefarius has trapped them, and there they will meet Rivet, una lombax rebelde fighting his own Emperor Nefarius.

But also, Insomniac Games and PlayStation have emphasized with Ratchet & Clank: A Dimension Apart in accessibility, as they already did with games like Marvel’s Spiderman, also from the same developer. This was shown this Thursday at a digital event in the Twitch channel of PlayStation Spain.

The journalist Javi Andrés and the ONCE technology and accessibility technician Kike García attended the live show to tell about their experience playing the PS5 title and discovering the number of accessibility features available.

Contrast options, shortcuts, speed and mechanical modifiers or button conversion are some of the elements that can be customized. “They are measures for everyone, but what they open the door to people with disabilities that they can have it a little more difficult “, expressed the technician.

Make the subtitles bigger or with other colors It seems a simple thing, but makes reading easier for visually impaired people or gamers occasional with vision problems. “It’s a perfect way to put a controller in my grandmother’s hands and make her just have to hit the circle, R1 and move the character; different colors to enemies; make the indicators and the subtitles bigger for his cataract problems … “, says the journalist.

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“An option that has many PlayStation games, and that hopefully will be standardized for all companies, is that everything important that happens on screen happens in the center, which is good for people who have tube vision, which is a smaller visual field and is a more frequent characteristic than we imagine “, adds Javi Andrés.

There are accessibility modifications available in the menu that make it possible for any player to personalize their experience and allow some users to experience a much more comfortable game: make aiming the gun is easier or it is done automatically; spotlight enemies and interactive objects with certain colors, etc.

“The game has another very important thing that shows the effort of Insmoniac and PlayStation to give accessibility in games, and that is The first thing they give you is the configuration. Set up the game and then it starts. This did too The Last of Us Parte II also “, points out Javi Andrés.

This was also confirmed by Kike García: “It also happened to me with another Insmoniac game, Marvel’s Spiderman, what it was the first game that I went to play and I found an accessibility menu that allowed me to make things easier or more comfortable for me in terms of interaction and allowed me to enjoy the game more. “

“On Spiderman there was a mechanic with two options: repeatedly press a button or leave it pressed. In the case of Ratchet & Clank: A Dimension Apart modifiers are included, which is a third option, that you press the button and fire until you press it again, “described the ONCE technician.

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But not for putting all these customizations or shortcutsyou lose the feeling that the game demands you reflections, that it amuses you or offers you a challenge, “says Javi Andrés.

Accessibility from development

Accessibility measures must be included from the game design to see what the game is going to require and what you can do at all times, “says Kike García so that accessibility is not seen as a patch.

“There are level designs that you can tell there have been specialized people with different disabilities attending to developers. Or even in the Insmoniac team there are people with disabilities so that everything is perfectly measured “, assures the journalist.” Players who use the standard configurations are not going to notice them, but people with disabilities, whatever type they are, feel much more included in that design. It’s a way of working in games that has to stay. “

“There are accessibility measures called a simplified route that what it does is that, indirectly, it helps people with intellectual disabilities. It simplifies the action and you can also enjoy the game. intellectual disability is one of the great forgotten“, also points out Kike García.


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