Q4 is consolidated: Imelda Castro

With the results of last Sunday’s election, Senator Moreno Imelda Castro It calls for national unity and dialogue, for the recognition of plurality in order to advance in the construction of a new political regime.

The vice president of the Permanent Commission of the Congress of the Union assures that the results are visible, that the National Regeneration Movement is consolidated and it is evident that the Fourth transformation it has passed electoral customs to consolidate itself, so the numbers say. He says that these are times of national unity, in the chambers and in the different powers, by fixing his position in the Senate.

Before, Imelda had said that the electoral contest that just happened would be a kind of plebiscite, that the results would be the confirmation or not of the route chosen in 2018. At least in 20 of 32 states the strength of Morena and his allies. He adds that the PRI, “the former state party”, has lost the 8 governorships that were put into play, it only remains governing in 4 states and will surely lose two of the three where there will be elections next year, because its losing streak and exit from state governments is assured.

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Regarding the PAN, he explains that he retained two of the 4 governorships in which there were elections, he won some mayors of Mexico City and that makes him a viable opposition party against Morena; however, it is likely that he will soon lose the governorship of Tamaulipas and Quintana Roo, thereby diminishing his strength. In Sinaloa, Morena swept the election.

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Potpourri. Little by little the cob is shelled: the night before last night, Elizabeth Chía, from the Morena and PAS alliance, received the certificate of deputy elected by the local 04 district, then yesterday at noon César Ismael Guerrero received her from the 03 district; along the way, they left real opposition “bruises”, among them the PRI member Bernardino Antelo; the leader of the PRI, Dulce María Ruiz; the leader of the PAN, Ariel Aguilar; and there was no other way, the brand of pure Morena prevailed, and the winners had very good campaigns. The alliance Goes for Sinaloa nor the hands put. Ana Elizabeth Ayala also took the PAN farmer Agustín Peña out of the street, in the 02 federal district. There is nothing to challenge here.

Yesterday afternoon the Ahome case was still trapped, and the hosts of Mingo Vázquez and Marco Antonio Osuna continued in a permanent sit-in, shouting “out Vargas”, demanding that the democracy against which the armed shock groups attacked be respected. Election packages were stolen in Sunday’s election. Both candidates and their respective parties say they are willing to go to the last minute to rescue the triumphs that they claim took from them.

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At the moment they join forces, and the times will come to fight among themselves in case of achieving the objective of annulling the election for municipal president. The mayor of Ahome is one of the three most important in the state and this fuels more fire to the conflict.

These are times of national unity ”, Senator Imelda Castro

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