Outcry against machismo and in support of Anna and Olivia’s family

Yesterday was not a day to hide, but to shout out loud that enough of so much sexist crime generated by murderers like Tomás Gimeno (37 years old), who has allegedly been able to end the lives of his own daughters, two innocent beings of barely one and six years old, whom he probably drugged before killing them and then throwing them into the sea weighed down with weights, undoubtedly guided by his perfidious intention to hide the truth from his mother, the real target of his revenge.

What was the sin of Beatriz, a woman who, in contrast to that genuine representation of evil that her ex-partner is, enlightened everyone with hope and goodness until the discovery of Olivia’s corpse, tucked into a duffel bag and tied to the anchor of the criminal’s boat? Decide on your own existence, first choosing to end the relationship with Tomás, and then aspiring to rebuild your life with someone else. Too much for the narcissism of Gimeno, a good boy who believed himself to be the best when in his life he had to fight for a livelihood that came guaranteed from the cradle.

Therefore, yesterday was not a day to hide, but a day for mourning in public. So that the colleagues of Olivia Zimmerman de Zárate (we honor her memory by eliminating the references to the alleged murderer) of the German School, expressed from Tabaiba that “the entire school community of the German School of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is in mourning for Olivia. Our thoughts go wholeheartedly to the little girl, her mother, and her loved ones. We would like to express our condolences for the immeasurable loss. During the next few days, the school will give students and teachers several opportunities to cry and express their thoughts, ”read its website yesterday. From the words they passed to the deeds, respecting the minute of silence called at noon yesterday. “We remember Olivia with love, she will remain in our hearts forever,” concluded the statement from the school.

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Even the toughest, those who, due to their profession, such as the National Police Corps, are no strangers to this tsunami that mixes everything from the most infinite grief to the most unleashed anger. That minute of silence by Anna and Olivia was respected yesterday at the National Police stations in the Canary Islands, as reported by the Higher Headquarters of the Police in the Archipelago.

Hundreds of people have returned to take to the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and have supported the mobilization called by the Forum against Gender Violence in Tenerife and the 8M Feminist Platform, by the girls Anna and Olivia.

The truth is that it has been a multitude of people and institutions that kept silent yesterday morning for the two minors, while in the afternoon it was when the streets were filled with banners, proclamations and protests against what is not “a isolated event “, but a sample of the most” terrifying “violence, says Ana Hernández, spokesperson for Platform 8M, in statements to Efe.

Hernández recalls that denying gender violence contributes to creating a social climate favorable to sexist murders. “All those conservative voices are complicit and, if they were ashamed, they would be hiding under the stones,” he said. The spokeswoman stressed that it is not “a guy who went crazy”, but that it is a premeditated act of revenge, a form of punishment for women “product of a patriarchal system” founded “on dominance and control ”.

According to the Government Delegation against Gender Violence, Olivia joins a long list of minors murdered by their fathers or by their mothers’ partners in the context of sexist violence, 39 since 2013. So far this year, In addition, 17 women and two minors have been murdered in gender crimes. In this sense, and in relation to the different images and drawings that have been shared since yesterday on social networks, the spokesperson maintains that sweetening or infantilizing an event “so terrible” does not help, because “what is needed is to improve the society so that it does not happen again ”. “I suppose they do it with the best intention and in good faith, but it is not an adequate way to reflect such a terrible event,” he says. Both organizing entities have wanted to convey a message of solidarity to the family, and especially to Beatriz, the mother of the minors, “because of the terrible pain they are going through.”

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