On June 20, mango cuts begin in the northern area of ​​Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- As of June 20, the mango harvest corresponding to the 2021 season will begin in the northern part of the state of Sinaloa, reported Daniel Ibarra Lugo.

The president of the Mango Producers and Exporters Association of the free zone of the fruit fly indicated that although at first it had been estimated that there would be a possible increase of 10% in production, at this time it is not yet possible to specify how much the harvest volume will eventually amount, considering that some producers were not able to water their gardens well in the end as a consequence of the problem caused by the lack of sufficient volume of irrigation water in the canals.

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He pointed out that with the beginning of the activities, the first mango packaging operating in the north of the state will be reactivated and with this the sources of employment that will benefit the inhabitants of the communities that are located within the areas of influence of each package.

He estimated that the number of packages that could operate in this area will be between 17 and 18 infrastructures, although some will not operate at maximum capacity, precisely as a consequence of the problems that will arise due to the lack of water in the canals.

Marketing of the fruit

Regarding the expectations that are presented for the commercialization of the fruit, Daniel Ibarra announced that a very negative outlook is looming for the fruit that is in small sizes because almost all the rest of the country, due to the lack of water, has been sending small size fruit in varieties “balls”, kents, tommys and yellow (ataulfos).

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The producers who did not manage to water, or those who did not give the necessary irrigation numbers, are going to have the problem of small fruit because it was a relatively cold winter that did not develop and dry that the tree also did not absorb “.

Obviously the preparations for the harvest period have been underway in the various producing areas.

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