Nuevo León: IP was domesticated!

The questions are recurring.

What happened in Nuevo León?

Why did an inexperienced candidate with a history linked to organized crime win the state government?

Why was the PRI, PAN and PRD alliance, which would have devastated it, not been possible in Nuevo León?

Why since “the morning hours”, President Obrador demonized the candidate of the PRI-PRD alliance, Adrián de la Garza, when he was leading the polls?

Why did the PAN allied with Morena?

Was it confirmed that the powerful private initiative of Nuevo León was domesticated?

Without a doubt, more questions than answers.

The truth, however, is that Nuevo León was “the jewel in the crown” in the elections of June 6. And why the jewel in the crown?

Because of its economic potential and its contribution to the national GDP; due to its important budgetary capture and, especially, due to the political control that it means to have domesticated the once independent, powerful and hardened entrepreneurs.

For this reason, to guarantee the victory of Morena in Nuevo León, from the Palace the fracture of the PRI and the PAN was pushed so that, with the worst of the two parties, the emerging candidacies of Morena could be built.

In this way – and at the instruction of Palacio -, the former PRI leader Clara Luz Flores became a candidate for Morena, the government of Nuevo León, while the PAN senator Víctor Fuentes not only asked the Senate for leave, but also resigned from the blue militancy, to seek the mayoralty of Monterrey, also for the Morena party.

That is to say, the PRIAN turned into a Brunette.

In this way, López Obrador blew up the PRI and the PAN, while from the Palace he pulled the strings so that the formal candidate for National Action was the unpresentable Fernando Larrazaval.

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Also from the Palace they palomeados Samuel García as a candidate of the Citizen Movement, accused of alleged links with drug trafficking.

The message was clear: from the center, López Obrador would support Clara Luz Flores, while Samuel García would play as a wedge to subtract votes from the candidate of the PRI-PRD alliance, Adrián de la Garza.

Curiously, Adrián de la Garza was the candidate of a good part of the so-called “Group of 12”, which brings together some of the most powerful businessmen in the country and, of course, in Nuevo León.

However, weeks into the electoral process, De la Garza made a “bomb revelation” by showing a video in which Clara Luz Flores appeared, with the leader of the sect (NXIVM), Keith Raniere.

The scandal toppled the Morena candidate from the polls and put the candidate of the PRI-PRD alliance at the head, which was supported by a large part of New Leonese businessmen.

In response, again from the Palace, and in clear constitutional violation, López began a real hunt against Adrián de la Garza, whom he accused of alleged electoral crimes.

The message was again clear: businessmen who support Adrián de la Garza will be persecuted.

The rest, everyone knows; the businessmen of Nuevo León “changed their horse in the middle of the race” and the preference for Samuel García suddenly rose in the polls, who was openly supported by media of Monterrey origin, such as Milenio and Televisión Azteca.

And it is that, in effect, from the center, from the Palace, the powerful businessmen of Nuevo León were not only domesticated, but also imposed a governor on them, which will end up handing over the state to the populism of López Obrador. A governor without legitimacy, who is supported by only three in 10 potential voters.

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But it is not news that López domesticated private initiative.

In the Political Itinerary of November 4, 2018, entitled: “They domesticated the IP”, we warned that this private initiative, from Nuevo León, had been domesticated and subdued from the center.

Therefore, below, a fragment of that delivery.

“There are many voices that rightly suppose that the great national capitals – and with them the great media – have not understood the historical role that an inevitable regime change imposes.

“For this reason –because they ignore the business role in history–, not a few of these great capitals today not only seem domesticated, but also –in turn– believe that they will be able to tame the populist in power …

“All this without forgetting the flattering news coverage, organized by Televisa, Televisión Azteca, Grupo Milenio and other media that compete for unbridled praise for the new presidential power.

“For this reason, more and more voices are concerned about business passivity.

Where are the businessmen today who, like their peers half a century ago, faced Cárdenas, Echeverría, López Portillo…?

“Where are the modern Eugenio Garza, Manuel Clouthier and, above all, those businessmen from all over the country who promoted the ideals of Manuel Gómez Morín –and the creation of PAN–, in the face of Cárdenas’s populism?

“Today, few businessmen seem willing to confront lopezobradirista populism, despite the authoritarian slap that the collapse of the NAIN meant.

“For this reason, it is worth remembering – in the face of corporate recklessness – that in September 1973 a group from the communist league on September 23 assassinated the patriarch of the Monterrey business community, Eugenio Garza Sada, in an alleged kidnapping attempt.

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“Today there is full certainty that it was a crime of the State, not only concealed by the Government of Luis Echeverría, but also conceived from the power itself. And it is that the Monterrey Group –and its patriarch, Eugenio Garza–, had faced the populism of Echeverría that threatened the nationalization of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, in an attempt to subdue the Monterrey Group.

“Paradoxically, in that battle a central actor is called Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, while today are allies of the populist government of AMLO media groups from Monterrey such as Tv Azteca, Milenio and others, whose servility would embarrass Eugenio Garza.

”Another September, but from 1982, in his last report, José López Portillo announced the nationalization of the bank. In response, Manuel Clouthier, a mythical leader of Coparmex and the CCE, clashed with the statist populism of Jolopo and mobilized the business community throughout the country.

“The result was a massive entry of the IP to the PAN – among them Vicente Fox – who fought the battle against populism from the political trench. Already in 1939, many businessmen had joined the movement of Manuel Gómez Morín, against the populism of Cárdenas, which gave rise precisely to the PAN.

“Where are the entrepreneurs today? Did “lopista” populism dominate them? At the time ”(End of quote).

Yes, time again proved me right.

And it is that today the businessmen are not at the height of the country they inherited; Today, businessmen have failed Mexico, democracy and, especially, they have failed Mexicans.

And yes, history is unforgiving.

At the time.

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