Mariela Blanco, the wife of the leader of the PSOE in Castilla y León who devastates in 'Now I fall!'

May 20, ‘Borjamina’ fell eliminated from ‘Now I fall!’ after 33 programs behind him, the record of permanence in the contest of Antenna 3 since the renovation of its mechanics. Since then, no other central participant has even managed to threaten their milestone … until the arrival of Mariela Blanco, now nine days ago.

This young woman from León is passionate about television contests, not in vain Spanish viewers have already been able to see her so much in the extinct ‘There you’ from Jesus Vazquez as fleetingly two years ago in ‘Now I fall!’. Mariela has shown her skills and knowledge in her first week and a half in the format since her return last May 31, when he managed to unseat the central contestant in the last duel of that delivery.

Mariela accumulates 88,000 euros after nine deliveries in ‘Now I fall!’

It was at that time that the contestant remembered her previous passage through ‘Now I fall!’: “I’ve been here for three days waiting to be chosen to face us, just like it happened to me the other time I was here two years ago. At that time it was Silvia Abril the one that presented the contest in summer, and with her I won. The situation was identical, they chose me in the end, I won the last duel and I stood with the money I had. It was 16,000 euros, that’s why I took half, 8,000, which is not bad at all, “said Mariela.

After this small reminder, Blanco explained a little above his personal situation and his motivation for going to the Atresmedia space: “I am married, I have two daughters and I am dedicated to the energy sector, where I have been in the commercial service for 17 years. I wanted the money for two things: the recreational part, to go back to Eurovision, because this year we have not been able to go because of the pandemic and the restriction of capacity; and second, to buy me a town in León, uninhabited, since it is a very beautiful province, but it is part of the Spain emptied. I would like people to be able to come for tourism, but also to strengthen the primary sector by welcoming refugees and people who need it. ”

‘Borjamina’ is sincere: “I left my job for ‘Now I fall’, where would I earn that in a month?”

Nayín Costas Xabier Miguelez

Arturo applauded his proposal, with the Leonese also demonstrating her sense of humor, quickly making good friends with the presenter. Once the presentation was concluded, Mariela imposed herself on her rival, making the central square of ‘Now I fall!’ to the present. In all these programs, the followers of the format have gotten to know this commercial a little better, being one aspect of his private life that has stood out above all: is the wife of Luis Tudanca, secretary general of the PSOE in Castilla y León.

Luis Tudanca, husband of Mariela Blanco. (EFE)

A member of the PSOE since 2000, Tudanca’s political career took off over the years until he became the party’s general secretary in Castilla y León in 2014, running for the formation led by Pedro Sánchez in the last two elections. autonomous communities. Among its milestones, it stands out that achieved the first victory of the PSOE in Castilla y León since 1983, with 35 attorneys at the most recent election date, although he did not manage to form a government due to the pact between PP and Ciudadanos. Precisely three months ago he led an unsuccessful motion of censure against President Fernández Mañueco.

Precisely because of this important political career of her husband, it is more striking to see Mariela in this facet, so far from the seriousness of politics, wasting a sense of humor in the afternoons of Antena 3. But not only that, since since she arrived again the format has managed to shine in terms of knowledge, accumulating so far the not inconsiderable figure of 88,000 euros.

After her first victory, the young woman was twice just one success away from completing the ‘Final Round’, something she would achieve on her fourth afternoon in the contest. By then, Blanco won 56,000 euros, one of the highest figures of this stage of the contest. But this was not the only occasion in which the Leonese managed to answer the 10 questions in the two minutes posed by the decisive challenge, since this May 9 she managed to accumulate another 32,000 euros to her credit, although as she herself confessed “the last hit was broadcast “.

Be that as it may, Mariela Blanco has managed to become strong as a central contestant of ‘Now I fall!’, Being for the moment the one that has managed to stay the longest since the prominent ‘Borjamina’. Will he end up getting enough money to buy his desired uninhabited town in León? We will have to wait to see its evolution in the afternoons of Antena 3, but its journey so far is, to say the least, promising.

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