Nito changes the speech of "me to us" and praises vaccination work

Panama. President Laurentino Cortizo Cohen said this Friday that there is no way for the country to advance in the vaccination process, combat the pandemic and reactivation thinking individually, and stressed “thatue in the minds of the majority of Panamanians is the we and not the me ”.

During a tour of several townships of the 8-8 circuit of Panama City, the president highlighted the “Great vaccination job” that positions the country as one of those more doses have been applied in the region, which has been achieved with planning and the effort of Health personnel.
“Everything is a planning of a we and not of a me”added Cortizo Cohen, who praised the progress of the Panavac-19 Vaccination Plan, which broke a record yesterday by applying the dose to 49,727 Panamanians, “And that deserves applause for us, not for me”, He remarked.
He highlighted that, beyond the success of vaccination in urban areas, is the effort made in areas such as Costa Abajo and Costa Arriba de Colón, with young people, nurses, nurses and technicians, traveling the coasts and mountains of Colón, “with the planning of a we and not a me”, to move and reach all those communities, even sleeping in those mountains.

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Added that It is necessary to be prepared because 200 thousand AstraZeneca vaccines will arrive in the country very soon. “This is getting good now, since, during the months of July, August and September, when weekly batches of 400 thousand doses will arrive in the country, sand they will apply vaccines simultaneously to make sweeps in the circuits of the capital city and in the district of Arraiján ”.
“I am optimistic about the progress in vaccination,” said President Cortizo Cohen, adding that while there is nothing perfect in life, “We have to be practical, and where you have to make adjustments, adjustments are made, but no adjustment can hold up and stop the mission that lies ahead.”
The president reiterated his optimism about the economic projections made by international financial and rating entities, which place the economic growth of this year between 9.2% and 11%, and added that for this to take place, “we have to go back to us and not to me ”.
“We have to understand that the road is difficult, and that for that to happen, we have to advance with the most important public policy of the triangle of success in health, social and economic matters, and that it is based on good vaccination”, he pointed.

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