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In an almost perfect dinner, Kim Glow’s cooking did not delight the taste buds of her guests. Very annoyed by the many criticisms, she left the table crying.

This week, it was Kim Glow’s turn to embark on an almost perfect dinner. But the reality TV contestant ventured into wacky menus, which did not really please his guests. They are not shown to be stingy in criticism, to the point that Kim leaves the table in tears.

A menu that leaves something to be desired

For its menu, Kim Glow announced the color by offering a menu Jungle fever. Thus, his aperitif entitled Dip invitation consisted of a garlic, avocado and cheese toast. To that, she had added a pineapple with honey, which the diners were to taste in the same dish. And so as not to lose face, the starlet made his guests believe that it was about a recipe straight from South Africa. Unsurprisingly, the guests lamented a lack of investment in the preparation of this aperitif.

Then comes the moment of the animation, where the candidate proposed to her guests a special karaoke for animal songs. If the atmosphere was there, it did not allow his score to rise.

When it came time to sit down, Kim Glow presented her entry titled The mason sees red in the forest. Curious, the guests did not expect to receive beets mixed with raspberries and a brick of cheese. But unfortunately for the young woman, when it comes time to leather her brick, nothing went as planned. And the guests have noticed it.

Already some criticisms have rocketed, in particular because of its beet which has not met the expected success. The guests also have criticized his table decoration. And for good reason, Kim Glow had used synthetic grass as a tablecloth. An idea not to be reproduced, since the guests complained that this material stung their arms.


Kim Glow leaves the table in tears

But the coup de grace came when it was time to serve the dish. The starlet had the idea to soak his gnocchi in raspberry puree. Indeed, according to her, it is a recipe offered in Italy. But, not only did her guests not appreciate this dish at all, but in addition, they openly made fun of the young woman.

Very annoyed by these criticisms, Kim Glow left the table crying. Here is what she said:

It’s not possible in fact, can’t you see that you are hurting me, it’s rude! I never cook and I wanted to outdo myself and do it. You are too mean. You are tough, I did it with love and you all laughed at me. I would have done that in Miami, everyone would have eaten them, in France I have the impression that we are closed-minded!

But the young woman, known for her conspiracy theories, finally found a smile to present her dessert. Entitled Raiders of the lost mango, Kim Glow had made ice cream with mango and fresh herbs, as well as an apple and cinnamon crumble. And even though his crumble had burned in the oven, this time the guests enjoyed the dessert. In all, the sulfurous brown harvested the score of 2.9 / 10 for his dinner.

And you, would you have enjoyed this dinner?

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