My perfume, my family and me

Passionate about perfumes, Florence entrusted her loved ones with the delicate mission of choosing an essence for her. From discoveries to surprises, an unusual journey between memories and emotions.

“My first memory of perfume? Paris by Yves Saint Laurent, worn by my mother. She had others, but I only keep this one in mind. Maybe because we lived in the provinces and the name made me dream … In my family, we did not joke with perfume. Each had his own, and there was something solemn about the choice. With my sister, we religiously kept the samples.

Thinking back, I realize that each period of my life corresponds to a fragrance and that this resonates with the moment. During my law studies, I wore Coco de Chanel: its strict and BCBG side stuck well to what I imagined in the legal world. Then I was an au pair in a family in England and I stole Old Spice from the father: it made me feel like I was English, adopted. When I met Quentin, my husband, I stole his Eau d’Hadrien from Annick Goutal. Today, I wear Fille en needles, signed Serge Lutens. It reminds us of the smell of a church in the South, with its scent of wood and incense. I say “we” because I always associate my husband with the choice of my perfume. I couldn’t wear one that he doesn’t like. The smell is part of our bond, of our history. Besides, my anti-stress fragrance is Nantucket Briar by Crabtree and Evelyn: very English, it takes me back to my London period. And to this city that Quentin and I love very much.

Names, colors, scents: the essences I choose are actually quite dark. I don’t wear light or floral waters, usually associated with blonding. But maybe I don’t have a “blond” temperament, in fact… My perfumes fill this gap and envelop me in their reassuring opulence. They don’t belong to me. They accompany me. ”

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His mother’s choice

Marthe, retired : “Florence does not allow herself to be cajoled, it is not in her nature”

“I looked… but I did not find a perfume that suits Florence better than the one she wore for a long time: Féminité du bois by Serge Lutens. First, because it seems to me that only a woody fragrance suits him. It is linked to her childhood: when she was little, she suffered from allergies to pollen which made it difficult to walk among the flowers. Then, the name corresponds to it well: “femininity” because I find my daughter very woman, very chic. And “wood” because she is “rooted”, with her feet on the ground and great practicality. I also chose this essence because Florence does not allow herself to be cajoled, it is not in her nature. When she wore it, she left a mark after she left. It was like an extension of his presence. ”

Florence’s gaze : “Obviously, I recognize it. I had chosen it when my children were small. I find that cedarwood pencil smell that I loved so much. I had stopped wearing it because I too often saw women wearing it in the street. But, there, to rediscover its scent, I tell myself that I could adopt it again. ”

Her husband’s choice

Quentin, 46, marketing director: “The scent of grass is the beginning of our story”

“I was looking for a scent that we both liked. Guerlain’s Herba Fresca won the day, because I immediately thought of the smell of cut grass, which was still a little damp. It reminds me of our first meeting. I had had a party in my parents’ country house, planted in the middle of the fields. The next morning, I got up around 6 a.m. to start tidying up. Everyone was still asleep, and the first person I saw was Florence. We hadn’t noticed each other the day before and she emerged from her car, where she had spent the night. The smell of the grass that morning is the beginning of our story. ”

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Florence’s gaze : “It reminds me of a perfume from Issey Miyake that I liked, A Scent. But this juice is more subtle. I like its smell of wet grass not at all floral. More than in daily use – it is a little too “grassy” for me – I see it as a perfume linked to a moment: I can see myself wearing it in summer, after the shower, when returning from the beach, for a night. ”

The choice of his sister

Armelle, 42, antique dealer: “We met when she left for England”

“Before I even felt it, I picked Jo Malone’s Earl Gray and Cucumber, first for the name. Very fusional during childhood, we lost sight of each other a little in adolescence, before meeting again when he left for England. Distance has brought us together. The scent of Earl Gray brings me back to that time. Especially since for her the tea time is very important. I do not know if this perfume will please him: it is very light. He reminds me of Florence as a “young girl”. No doubt because, having difficulty becoming an adult myself, I like to bring others back to childhood. ”

Florence’s gaze : “At the opening, I find it a little too ‘sweet’. And then, by letting it live on my skin, it is adorned with spices. I appreciate it little by little. I could wear it during the Christmas holidays when it’s really cold. It reminds me of a very Christmas, with the pudding that bakes in the oven and the candles that warm my house. I would like to sprinkle it on a scarf or on a piece of clothing. ”

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The choice of his daughter

Claire, 16, high school student: “The amber color of the juice reminds me of her rings”

“I went to Hermès: this brand reminds me of mom. When I go with her to the tearoom in their rue de Sèvres boutique, it’s really a moment just for us. I stopped on Jour d’Hermès absolute. First for the word “day”, because we both like the coolness of the morning. The amber color of the juice reminds me of her rings. Regarding the fragrance, I find it fresh and fruity. By feeling it, I imagine mom rested, happy, on vacation, in fact… ”

Florence’s gaze : “It’s not a smell I’m used to, it’s fresher than what attracts me in general. Nevertheless, I could quite wear it: I like the citrus notes, I associate them with pleasant sensations. This scent immediately propels me to Tuscany, under the shade of a tree where we have just had lunch, in the heat of an early summer afternoon. ”

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