I’m sure not even Netflix I was confident that ‘Lupine’ would become a worldwide phenomenon as it has ended up being. It is true that Omar Sy He was an actor with a certain international projection, but from there to sweeping to the point of exceeding the figures of ‘Gambit de dama’ and ‘Los Bridgerton’ there is an important stretch.

In addition, his followers have not had to wait too long to see Part 2 that arrives on Netflix this Friday 11th of June. Another five more episodes that come with the promise of serving to close the story of the origins of its protagonist and his revenge against Pellegrini. That leads to the intensity increases significantly, without sacrificing at any time its facet of great entertainment.

Raising the intensity

Already in the first part of ‘Lupine’ it was clear that the series required a certain naivety on the part of the viewer to be able to believe and enjoy Assane Diop’s peculiar abilities. That is something that is repeated here, being especially striking in the last episode, which will lead to some disconnecting due to the impossibility of this happening or that person reacting in that way.

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After all, the character played by Sy has a lot of an illusionist and some of his tricks require a somewhat naive attitude from the viewer. It’s not something that happens with everything he does, but what helps make Diop a special character depends on putting cynicism aside and accept that we are dealing with a tricky story by its very nature.

Lupine Season 2 Scene

This Part 2 is no stranger to it, starting with how to solve everything related to Raoul’s kidnapping and extending in a more or less pronounced way in all the steps that its protagonist takes to do justice. Here the empathy that we have with him does not matter so much as the predisposition that we show to let ourselves go.

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To enhance that, George McKay, showrunner of ‘Lupine’, opts for a more direct and intense approach that at all times gives the feeling of being aimed at getting closer and closer to Pellegrini, even when some unforeseen setback arises. That helps the viewer to immerse himself more in the game that the series proposes, since Diop’s misadventures have more nerve, thus better transmitting that there is something really at stake and that the gum is not going to stretch unnecessarily.

Better accompanied

Lupine Season 2 Picture

In addition, it is also possible to give something more important to other characters, which in Part 1 did not finish happening. It is true that Sy is still the undisputed star, but here better use is made of other players in the game so that in the end everything is not subject to seeing how the protagonist bundles it or gets rid of something. And that is taking advantage of the existing ones instead of including more unnecessarily.

This also means that the connection between everything that is happening is greater, almost always a direct consequence of what we have seen just a few minutes before. That allows the series to grow in that facet, since the previous batch of episodes worked much better when it was playful, but it did not finish taking off when it was time to get more serious. That the villain played by Herve Pierre gain presence I am clear that it is one of the keys.

Arsène Lupine, Knight Thief

Arsène Lupine, Knight Thief

In addition, he does that without giving up his more playful side, because everything may be more risky and the protagonist is between a rock and a hard place in more than a moment, but he is still the Assane Diop who had conquered us. The only one that now the dangers are greater and it is necessary to adapt to this new reality.

In short

Omar And Lupine

The Netflix series has raised the bar compared to the first batch of episodes to complete the first stage in the history of Assane Diop. We will have to see what the way forward is from now on, but that they continue to count on me to see it.

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