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A huge vampire over two meters tall, with macabre looks, refined airs and XXL curves, it became the fetish, pop, artistic and sexual object from the last season of video games. Resident Evil: Village, the eighth edition of the saga from zombies? most important in history, puts us once again in the shoes of Ethan Winters, the protagonist of Biohazard, its predecessor. But some strapping was twisted and the infinity of the internetero Aleph moved other pieces.

In this new installment, Ethan will have to make an unhappy visit to a rural Romanian village where Lady Dimitrescu, the sensual vampire in question, is one of their “rents”. In the open veins of this dark town a cocktail of good cinematics, oppressive spatiality, the immersive first-person perspective, and the heart and mechanics of the Resident Evil 4, one of the best titles in the franchise.

Now how come Resident Evil He went from the living dead, lab experiments, satanic cults, demonic rednecks, and even the super villain Nemesis to focusing on a classic vampire with a BDSM cut? At the time, erect in successes and failures, luck and compassion, Resident Evil keep redefining its forms. Therefore, since the appearance of the trailer, back in September 2020, the entire internet fandom stopped for a second and said “no it can’t be”.

With the frequent tension of the game, there was a moment of confusion that turned, in a flash, into one of fetishization. Resident Evil: Village, available for PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC, compresses the best of all the extremes of your titles: pendula between suffocating terror and the open map, the different skins of fear and, at times, even flirts with the rhythm of a Call of Duty.

A Lady tailored to the internet

So, seamlessly, at the peak of their fart, they arrived the memes, the cosplays, the of arts, the trending topics, the various scams (like this mod full of red lingerie) and the bizarre that give a thousand turns of ram to the imagination (like this one from Kratos vs. Lady Dimitrescu). The rage has arrived for Lady Dimitrescu, the true character of the season.

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Even Capcom took over, and the game’s official hashtags (#ResidentEvilVillage and #REVillage) come with his face. But everything got even more out of control. And the matter really got out of hand. The hype for Lady Dimitrescu, a character who – a very small spoiler – literally “dies” in the first part of the game but that has a universe that sticks out its own narrative arc, it grew so much that even “starred” an advertisement for the Malaysian Domino’s Pizza chain, showing a steaming box of mozzarella with pepperoni.

Suddenly, like a bait, all the media began to name her in the headlines. The video game cosmos assumed that there, in this new obsession, there was also an effectively extrafichinero phenomenon. For this reason, among other things, they invited Maggie Robertson, the actress who played Lady Dimitrescu, to read tweets “hornies” about his character. The result is hilarious.

Gothic horror, gothic love

In the history of Village, Lady D lives in her castle with her three daughters, and is part of the squad of bosses of the evil and Machiavellian Mother Miranda, the final boss.. As the game progresses, Ethan eliminates his daughters (Bela, Cassandra and Daniela), and Dimitrescu is plunged into a rage that grows more and more, and that is demonstrated in the constant, invisible and threatening hooting around his mansion . Lady Dimitrescu is the first of the bosses in the game, but that didn’t stop her from becoming the face of marketing, her franchise player, the true MVP.

Loved and desired, Lady Dimitrescu is the internet icon of the moment. “Every day I am amazed at the reception that this character and this game have had, and I feel incredibly grateful for having been a part of it. I never expected something like this to happen,” Robertson told El NO.. She is also curious about her character’s boom: “It’s amazing how she has been able to permeate pop culture and enter the mainstream in this way,” she continues.

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Resident Evil: Village it has changed my life and it will accompany me the rest of my days “, recognizes the actress who, in addition, also became a celebrity wanted by all specialized media. The same thing happened to the model Helena Mankowska, the actress who put a face on her a Lady D.

New celebrity

Robertson, who worked with Capcom on long hours of motion capture, is a Renowned voice actress and motion capture received from classical performance in the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). Upon graduation, Maggie moved to Los Angeles and, since then, appeared in several independent films.

It has been an immense honor to work on Resident Evil: Village. This whole experience has been much more than I could have ever imagined. It is a great lesson in humility to be part of something of this scope and magnitude. This game has a global reach and it is very special to receive messages from people all over the world telling me how this game and this character have impacted their lives. “

Among his favorite deformities to emerge from his character, Robertson highlights a way of Lady Dimitrescu with the head of Thomas the Train whose result is disturbing. For example, it also celebrates the hat mod, in which Lady D models all kinds of hats of various sizes. “I love to see how everyone’s creativity shines when it comes to Lady Dimitrescu. I’ve seen fan arts of her as a variety of different animals: cat, swan … thug. I’ve seen crochet dolls, action figures and much, much more, “he confesses.

Start a thousand urras: Long live Lady Dimitrescu!

Taking advantage of the volley, these days, Capcom launched a puppet show (“An absolute delight to watch, which made me laugh all the time,” says the actress) and even a towel two meters long (“I definitely want one”). Regarding this phenomenon, Robertson says that what he likes most about Lady D is her “vibe”. In his words: “Tell a very clear visual story even before you open your mouth. If you also add a dynamic and multidimensional character, you have an icon in the making. “

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And this notion of express icon it is enthroned in the drive for diversity and the new representation of bodies in the universe of communication and video games. Her non-canonical figure, her Amazonian beauty and her kinky look they instantly put it in an interesting place in front of the languid and sensual prototypes of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, 2B of NieR: Automata the Lightning of Final Fantasy XIII.

We have never seen anyone like her before. And the most exciting thing about Lady D is that the incredible acceptance she had shows that the public is there. People want to see different and interesting characters on the screen and I think she is a big step in the right direction, “says Robertson, emphasizing in the empowered profile of his character.

– Do you see possible the return of your character to the saga Resident Evil?

–I am very grateful to have participated in this game and I have complete confidence in Capcom. I love Lady D and could play her forever. People keep asking for possible DLC. I have no idea if that’s going to happen, but I’d love to know more about her transformation and about how daughters were “created”. I love the fact that she is a mother and has gone out of her way to start a family, so I would be fascinated to know more about that decision, and about why she decided to be a mother. He is a really very interesting character and we’ve barely scratched the surface with Resident Evil: Village.


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