Jelena Dukic (LVDA4): Accused of Islamophobia, she reacts on social networks

Accused of Islamophobia and severely attacked by Marvin Tillière on social networks, Jelena Dukic came out of the silence to plead her case. Find out more below.

Jelena Dukic has just drawn the wrath of Internet users, who accuse her ofislamophobia. If everything seemed to start from a little joke without ulterior motives, a reflection of the candidate discovered in Revenge of the Ex sparked theindignation on the Web.

Jelena: Accused of having contacted her ex Julien Tanti, she answers!

While she’s rather used to dressing sexy, the 27-year-old filmed herself wearing a shirt, the long loose dress worn by Muslim men. Absolutely not recognizing himself in this kind of outfit, Jelena blurted out a clumsy remark by associating the garment with terrorism :

It’s too long, it’s not sexy! Terrorist! No but am I dreaming? Terrorist! Is it better than there?

She said, lifting the tunic over her hips, under which she was wearing a short, tight dress.

The Angry Web

These words earned Jelena an avalanche of murderous comments from Internet users but also from other reality TV candidates. Marvin Tillière, known for his outspokenness, felt personally attacked and devoted a long story Snapchat to Kevin Zampa’s ex:

One more ! Terrorist? Ok. If I listen to this pig, with his little slut’s face, if we put on a qamis, are we a terrorist? You have hatred in you towards Muslims otherwise you would never have been able to compare the qamis with the terrorists.

Marvin Tillière: guilty of harassment and death threats against his ex Maeva Martinez?Marvin Tillière: guilty of harassment and death threats against his ex Maeva Martinez?

And to warn the pretty Belgian, in case she also feels like heading for the United Arab Emirates:

Those kinds of words here, you could never have had them. For fear of ending up 20 years in prison because believe me, this is what will happen to you. Here, we do not laugh with religion.

Assured the one who was convicted of harassment and death threats against his ex, Maeva Martinez.

Jelena Dukic sets the record straight

Jelena obviously could not escape the controversy and therefore spoke on Instagram. Via a message, she explained that she was not racist and that it was her boyfriend who gave her the idea to use this term:

We are clearing things up. I’m not a racist for a second. It was my guy behind, who said: “Do not post with the djellaba because they will again say that I am a terrorist”. (…) So, no, I’m not a racist! Hello! My guy, he is Algerian, Muslim, practicing! You are serious !

Did she then rebel before offering an all-relative apology:

Sorry if that was misinterpreted but it wasn’t to denigrate anyone! I love you.

But obviously, the first message of apology from Jelena will not have really calmed the tensions since she insisted on publishing a second shortly after. Still tormented, the pretty brunette once again apologized to the Muslim community, in a tone that was meant to be more poignant this time:

I spent my day thinking, thinking and crying, I admit. After seeing all your hate messages and the more the day goes by, the more I understand my mistake. I understood that you couldn’t laugh at everything and I was more than clumsy! (…) I wanted to apologize from the bottom of my heart (…) to all the people I ran into and to this religion that I respect a lot.

So, has Jelena Dukic convinced you?

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