Italy crushes Turkey and launches a song of hope

Mancini’s selection thrashed in Rome, one of the capitals hardest hit by Covid, with the public in the stands. Show the best version of your rebuilding against a disappointing opponent

Insigne celebrates his goal in Rome.Alessandra TarantinoEFE

Rome was the first capital of pain when the Covid reached our world. Wuhan was then a distant image that could not be true. A year and a half later, that Rome sings of hope in the voice of Andrea Bocelli and sets in motion the tool of hope: the ball. In reality, it has not stopped during the pandemic, but now we talk about much more, of a great tournament, of the colors of the public in the stands, of teams that are countries and countries that are tribes. Football, in a word, football that screams at the top of its lungs ‘win’, as this Italy reborn from its worst football pandemic does, young and brave. The Eurocup of fear begins with a good metaphor.

The best things of youth always outweigh the worst. Ambition pushes more than bisoez remains. This selection raised from the ashes of that Italy that did not reach the last World Cup, does so without hesitation, with faith, play and goals. The good that it has we do not know if it is enough to aspire to the title, but it opens a very representative path of the evolution of current calcium. Attack early on, but retain some of the best defense performers, such as Chiellini Y Bonucci. The combination is clever on the part of the technician.

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In the debut, they were not very demanded, because Turkey just resisted. The Ottoman team has resources for something more than what it left at the Olmpico, as it demonstrated in the qualifying phase of the European Championship, in which it scored four points out of the six that were played with France, the world champion and great favorite. The only will to Senos Gunel, instead, it was about not fitting in, with no plan whatsoever in the transition to attack. He did not pressure Italy at the ball exit and used the long throws of his goalkeeper, one of his best arguments, in search of Yilmaz, Lille forward. The strategy gave him to hold half a game. Nothing else. Poor, very far from the version of the national team that the same coach took to the semifinals of a World Cup in 2002. That Turkey, like others after it, was frenzy. The current one is discipline, with the good Calahnoglu gripped by the tangle. The difference is not only due to the footballers. It was a disappointment.

Turkey’s system was quickly compressed by Italian harassment, turned to the left, thanks to the initial prominence of Spinazzola e Badge. Folded in on itself, the walls of the little Naples footballer were lost in the area. It was like centering in a forest. If the Turkish technician did something right, it was to close the room for maneuver to Jorginho, the most creative midfielder of the Mancini, dada la lesin de Verratti. This caused Chiellini to start the game, something much more predictable. The center-back got up on the stopped ball and had one of the best chances of the first half, saved by the flight of Cakir, a 25-year-old 1.91 archer. A guy to follow, even if he ended the blur that was the third Italian goal. Mancini starts from 4-3-3, the system of the most offensive teams in Europe. Press in someone else’s field and attack with many people. Nothing to fear and nothing to envy. It is in all a modern team that they have left excellent numbers on their way to the tournament, with a full 10 wins in the qualifying phase. In this start he did not disappoint, although he should wait for victory. He did it without despair, save for a clear hand of Celik in the area that the referee did not point out or notice the VAR. This is getting worse. Nobody understands it.

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As Italy multiplied its attack and Berardi I accompanied on the right, the Turkish defense started to leak. The first goal, already started in the second half, was the test. The center of the Italian, after a recovery, could only stop him Demiral, but inward. I ended up on the net. From then on, there was only one team on the field, despite some unsuccessful attempt to honor.

Immobile, who had already tried it in the first half, finally found the clean shot, after a Cakir rejection, and the same happened with Insigne, who benefited from the only failure of the Turkish goalkeeper, although the transition from there Italian attack was bookish.

With none of the goals, Italy changed their plan. It was the same, pressing, offensive and at a spectacular physical level. Mancini relieved his attackers to put on the field Church, Bellotti Y Bernardeschi, excellent spare parts. He does not possess any of the big stars of the tournament, but his middle class, his game plan and his form are a great introduction card. A good reason for hope.

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