Is losing weight fast bad for your health? This is what science says

The desire of anyone who is on a diet is to lose weight as quickly as possible, but is losing weight fast bad for your health? This is what science says.

All people who want to lose weight want to do it as quickly as possible, especially on these dates, when the holidays are just around the corner and we are in a rush to look great in a bathing suit.

However, surely you have heard on more than one occasion that losing weight fast is not exactly the best thing to do but why? Let’s review what science says about it.

First of all, the first thing to clarify is what is meant by losing weight fast. Many experts consider that losing weight between 0.5 and 1 kg a week is healthy and safe. But we also have to understand that we do not always lose weight at the same rate, since generally more weight is lost in the first weeks of dieting and then it is done more slowly and steadily.

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After those first few weeks of regimen and exercise are over, losing more than 1 kg a week can be dangerous. Scientific evidence reveals that if you lose weight too quickly on a very low calorie diet, you run the risk of losing muscle and that your metabolism may slow down, so you will burn fewer calories at rest.

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Besides, also you can suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Lack of nutrients such as iron, folic acid, or vitamin B12 can cause hair loss, you feel extremely fatigued, your bones become weak and brittle, or your immune system stop working well.

And that’s not all. Losing weight too fast can have other consequences, such as the appearance of gallstones, muscle cramps, dehydration, constipation and diarrhea, dizziness, irritability, extreme hunger and feeling cold.

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Apart from the health problems that can cause you to lose weight very quickly, you also have to take into account that, In general, when you lose weight quickly, the results are not long-lasting and there is a greater risk of regaining the lost kilos.

This is supported by scientific studies, which indicate that most people who follow an aggressive diet regain weight between three and five years after finishing the regimen. Instead, Those who lose weight slowly but steadily are more likely not to regain it in the long term.

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