Irene Montero uses the murder of the girls of Tenerife to charge against the "Patriarchal justice" what "criminalizes" to Juana Rivas

She demands for her a “Feminist Justice” that “protects the living and that they or their children are not murdered”

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, in a ceremony today in Podemos.EFE

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, has used the murder of the girls Olivia and Anna in Tenerife at the hands of his father, Toms Gimeno, to defend Juana Rivas and charge against the “patriarchal justice” that, in his opinion, “criminalizes” women who try to “defend” their children from sexist violence.

Rivas has today entered a social insertion center in Granada to serve a firm sentence of two and a half years in prison for having escaped with his children so as not to hand them over to their father, whom he had denounced years before for mistreatment but that the Italian Justice archived.

This Friday, with these two current news, Montero has linked both cases to demand a “feminist justice”, as well as to demand public policies that repair the damage caused to prevent cases like that of Tenerife from being repeated in other women and children. .

Making this link between one case and the other, the Minister of Equality has stressed that Juana Rivas had to be “defended”, despite having been convicted, and has presented her as a victim of a “patriarchal justice” that in Spain “penalizes and it criminalizes mothers who defend themselves and their children from sexist violence. “

“We must protect the living so that they do not end up murdered or their children are killed,” he remarked, in an implicit allusion to the case of Tenerife, in an intervention during an act in support of the candidacy of Ione Belarra to lead Podemos held in Saragossa. An idea that he later reiterated in an interview on the program The Clear Things, from La 1.

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“Vicarious violence”

In both spaces, the minister has shown her consternation at what happened and has stressed that “vicarious violence” is the “worst version” of sexist violence, since it seeks to “hit women where it hurts most”, with the murder of their children.

Montero has regretted that the alert and protection systems have not arrived in time to protect Beatriz (the mother), Anna and Olivia, and has reiterated that the Ministry of Equality has been undertaking a complete review of all the protocols and systems for weeks for weeks. detect that it may be “failing” in the fight against gender violence. This analysis wants to come up with an improvement of the system and an update of the protocols to defend women.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Equality has celebrated that the recently approved Child protection law in Congress by an overwhelming majority (all parties voted in favor except Vox, against) will imply advances such as the prohibition of parental alienation syndrome or the withdrawal of visits for parents with complaints of gender violence.

On the other hand, Carmen Calvo has taken advantage of the murder of the girls to ask to confront those who deny sexist violence in these “absolutely black” weeks, reports Efe. The first vice president of the Government has made it clear that there is violence against women for the fact of being one and that they are also attacked through what they love most, their children, and has asked to fight those who deny it, in allusion to Vox , because “they weaken the common conscience of a society that has to stand up unanimously and firmly against this.”

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“And not only that, but also they do not help to continue advancing in legislation and in political decisions that continue to protect women,” he stressed in statements to the media after attending the meeting of the Board of Trustees of Cermi Women.

“It is terrible that there are those who, a few days ago, have heard them saying that this does not exist. What do we have to say today to those mothers (…) that in just 24 hours they are facing the murder of their children and So little daughters? What do we tell them? That this doesn’t exist? “

From Vox, the spokeswoman in Congress, Macarena Olona, ​​has reproached the Government and other parties for using the case for political purposes. “As a politician I want to apologize [a la madre y las nias]. On behalf of all of us who are ashamed of those who are using you to wage political warfare, “he wrote on Twitter.

His colleague Roco Monasterio, leader of the party in Madrid, has stated that “it is urgent to change the Penal Code” to establish a “life sentence” in Spain so that the murderer “can rot for life in prison.”

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