Interior has detected 471 children at risk of being victims of gender violence by their parents

These are the data that the Interior’s monitoring system gives to cases of gender violence

David Oubel murdered his two daughters, Candela (9) and Amaia (4) in 2015. He was the first sentenced to permanent prison.Salvador SasEFE

Updated Saturday, June 12, 2021 –

  • Investigation Toms Gimeno called the mother of his daughters from the same place where Olivia’s body appeared.
  • Courts A legal reform blocks visits to the children of parents investigated for abuse

Two youngsters who use diapers / They give him more war than the ciborium / Poor little Jos Bretn / With a jackal trick / he takes them on an excursion / How familiar Jos Bretn. The fragment belongs to a song in very bad taste dedicated to the man who, to harm his wife, murdered their two children in Crdoba in October 2011, one of many of the predecessors of Toms Gimeno.

We reproduce it here because clinical psychologist Sonia Vaccaro, specialized in victimology and gender violence, gives her an example of how abusers exercise so-called vicarious violence, that is, how they use their children, in some cases to the point of killing them, to cause the greatest possible pain to the victim. mother. The musical theme about Bretn It was received by one of his patients on the mobile. His ex-partner sent it to him. Not only did I send him that audio, but then messages where he said ‘you will see what will happen to you’, ‘you will regret it all your life’, ‘I will give you where it hurts the most’.

Last Thursday, the same day that the fatal outcome of the sisters’ case was known Anna Y OliviaAnother of the women who come to his office received similar notices. It coincided exactly with the period when the children were to be with him and he called desperately because the guy took advantage of the moment of picking up the children to say: ‘Say goodbye, you will not see them again.’ And then I sent him a picture of the ship he was tracking in Tenerifesays Vaccaro.

The psychologist explains that both have denounced the threats of the parents towards the children, but that neither has managed to get the Justice to strip the father of custody or visits. Since the news was known [el hallazgo del cadver de la mayor de las hermanas de Tenerife] They haven’t slept and I don’t know when they’ll be able to rest again, because they are very afraid, they are panicking. They are crying out for us to do something, for someone to have the right word to open the minds of judges and judges, he says, demanding that measures be taken to protect minors in these cases in which there are clear threats.

The Comprehensive Monitoring System in cases of Gender Violence (VioGn system), from Secretary of State for Security of Ministry of Interior, assesses, among other issues, if there are indicators that suggest that the violence exerted by the aggressor on the victim could spread to other people close to the victim, especially to the minors in their care. It does so on the basis of the police questionnaires that are made to the reporting women. According to the last statistical report of VioGn, of May 31 of this year, currently in Espaa there are 471 minors at risk of also becoming victims of their own parents. Of these, 415 were in a medium risk situation, 55 high and one extreme.

The psychologist Sonia Vaccaro was the person who coined the term vicarious violence. He did it in 2012 after meeting the Italian Antonella Peneti. Her ex-partner had announced that she would harm the child and she reported that her son was at risk with the abuser, but the Justice did not pay attention, explains Vaccaro. It was agreed that father and son would meet at an official meeting point, with educators and mediators. And in one of these visits he ended his life, on March 25, 2009, with a gunshot and 37 stabs. Then he committed suicide. The little Federico tena 8 aos.

Jos Bretn murdered his children, Ruth (6 years old) and Jos (2) in 2011. Sentenced to 40 years in prison.
Jos Bretn murdered his children, Ruth (6 years old) and Jos (2) in 2011. Sentenced to 40 years in prison.Julin PrezEFE

The Justice ignored him, as in general it does not pay attention to this type of complaint. It dissociates the role of father from that of abuser, that is, these individuals continue to have access to their children even though they are convicted of violence against women and that allows them to use them as objects to continue harming the mother, says Vaccaro.

The expert puts on the table the following data: Only in 3% of the cases in which there is a final judgment for gender violence, visits to parents are suspended and in 5% shared custody. We don’t even talk about parental authority. The individual continues to mistreat, not giving permission for the child to enroll in school, not allowing operations or medical controls … because parental authority retains it even though he is in jail, he says.

After learning about the case of Antonella Peneti, Sonia Vaccaro began an ambitious investigation into vicarious violence that is still ongoing. He has interviewed many of the Spanish mothers whose fathers have murdered their children and others – such as the one who received Bretn’s song – who live in fear that it will happen to their own. Between 30 and 40 testimonials that also include women from Colombia e Italy.

He does it with the intention, he explains, of trying to identify previous indicators, alarm signals that allow to prevent these tragedies. They had all been threatened previously – ‘I’m going to take away what hurts you the most’, ‘you’ll see what happens to girls’ – but from her story I realized that it started much earlier. Individuals who return their children barefoot, in winter even, or with the clothes that they were wearing that day bought by the broken mother … Or when they communicate that they want to divorce: ‘I will take the children from you’. Even when there is no murder later, because not everyone reaches this aberration of murdering them, but the mistreatment continues for many years. Children used as objects to continue mistreating the mother is something more common than we think, says Vaccaro.

Toms Gimeno.
Toms Gimeno.

Minors killed by their parents in a context of gender violence were not counted as victims until 2013. Since that year, there are 40 children on the list of those killed by vicarious violence. Their mothers were also not considered victims of gender-based violence until 2017. Ruth OrtizFor example, he had no psychological, labor, or any kind of help after Bretn murdered his children. Until 2017, the term vicarious violence was included in the State Pact on Gender Violence, there was the paradox that no one was a victim for the system, they were invisible, says Vaccaro.

– How can it be understood in any case that a father, to harm the mother, is capable of killing his children? – we asked him.

– Because for this individual those are not his children, they are objects. He is a cruel individual who is only interested in power and who is willing to use whatever it is, even if it is the same creature he bred biologically, to punish his mother. Is he father family of Roman law, that he had the power over his offspring and decides even if his children live or not, because for a son to be recognized the father had to lift him from the ground. If he left it on the ground he would starve.

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