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  • Camila Cabello has suffered harassment on social networks after some bikini photos were made public on a Miami beach

  • The singer has received comments such as: “Gorda”, “Dejada” and “Fofa”

  • Inma Cuesta, who denounced real beauty years ago, has come to her defense

Camila Cabello has had to endure a lot of insults after going public some pictures in bikini on a Miami beach. The singer has suffered in her own flesh an authentic harassment through social networks in which comments such as “fat ”,“ sloppy ”and“ flabby ”. More and more famous women are fighting to break down the prejudices and evaluations that are openly made about bodies with an idea of ​​’perfection’ that they want to put an end to.

Faced with the harassment received, the international artist reacted and launched a ‘body positive’ reflection in which she confessed that his body “is not made of rock or muscle”, even though there are “bad photos and bad angles”. Camila Cabello emphasized that “the saddest part” is that girls grow up “in a world full of retouching” and seek perfection “that is not real”.

“The false is becoming the new real”, assured the singer, who considers that we have a “completely unreal” vision of a woman’s body. “Cellulite is normal, fat is normal, stretch marks are normal. They are beautiful and, most importantly, they are natural ”, he ended up saying.

Inma Cuesta applauds Camila Cabello’s words

There have been many celebrities who have celebrated the artist’s ‘body positive’ claim and have appreciated her words. One of them has been Inma Cuesta, who regrets that “what is false is becoming real.” In addition, the actress has ‘blamed’ all those magazines that “continue to fill their covers for the summer, giving us advice for the famous ‘bikini operation'”, asks them for responsibility and assures that the time has come to “cross it off the list”. “They look healthy, healthy, self-confident and above all happy,” Cuesta concluded.

It should be remembered that Inma Cuesta already claimed real beauty a few years ago. In 2015, the actress went viral on social networks after reporting an excess of Photoshop in one of your photos. “See you and not recognize you,” he said after making public the before and after of the ‘real’ photo he took with his mobile and the retouched one, which is the one that ended up being published.

Inma Cuesta’s complaint about the excess of Photoshop in her image

Inma Cuesta then opened a debate on the retouching. “Discovering that your image is in the hands of people who have an absolutely unreal sense of beauty,” he said at the time. The actress did not understand “the need” to retouch her body “to leave me almost half of what I am, smooth my skin and lengthen my neck until I become a doll without expression.” “This exceeds the limits of reality and I am ashamed”he declared.

The actress wanted to make it clear at the time that this did not “make her a complex”, she was simply outraged as a woman and made her reflect “very seriously” where we are going and strongly vindicate “the need to decide and defend what we are, what we want to be regardless of fashions, stereotypes and canons of beauty “. In recent days, Inma Cuesta has also made headlines for declaring her love publicly for her “love”, for being “the best partner in adventures.”

The act for which Inma Cuesta spoke for the first time about her girlfriend


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