"I do not masturbate and everything is fine with me"

SEX – The one time I managed to have an orgasm while touching myself, I wrote a successful post about it. I had used an ultra-efficient technique – that of the shower head in powerful jet mode directed towards the top of my vulva – after years of unsuccessfully caressing myself under the duvet, or relying on my dreams to transport me , and success was there.

The atmosphere was humid, the sensations explosive, and my feeling of finally succeeding in experiencing something I heard about 24 hours a day, enjoyable. In every sense of the term. Since then, I haven’t done it again. Because I never felt the urge. For two, mutual masturbation is an exercise to which I willingly lend myself, but solo, I prefer a thousand times to hit a dish of carbo pasta in front of The devil wears Prada than sliding my fingers over my clit. My personal definition of a treat from me to me.

I insist on the word “personal”, because this relationship with solitary pleasure is very specific to me. And far from me the idea of ​​making a generality. I find it essential for women to know that there is no shame in roaming their own body, or self-launching. That this subject must absolutely be standardized and that for many, it is a source of a necessary reappropriation of their silhouette, their appearance, their power.

“It is not a response to an injunction but a freedom”

“The discovery of one’s body is sometimes done with a partner. And masturbation should not be an obligation or an umpteenth sexual injunction ”, stated Dre Charlotte Tourmente, general practitioner and sexologist interviewed by Slate a little over a year ago. Same story with the sexologist and psychoanalyst Catherine Blanc at the microphone of Europe 1 more recently. ”[C’]is an erotic awakening between oneself and oneself, a response to a questioning on the subject of sexuality ”.

She continues, warning against the (involuntary, one imagines) creation of new imperatives: “After having considered it taboo until recently, society has opened up this field of possibilities to women. But it is not for all that an obligatory exercise: it is not a response to an injunction but a freedom. ”

A freedom to indulge in it fully, but also not to find great satisfaction in it, without this insensitivity not translating any discomfort or any repression. In my case for example, I am certainly not a big fan of sex toys without a partner, but as soon as there are several of us, their use seems to me much more enjoyable and exciting. I like to explore the effect of these vibrations on him, on us. But alone – and yes, I’ve tried everything: I’m bored.

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