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When he stepped on the rival area with a dominated ball, he did so with the strength of a Ferrari: unstoppable, and with a skill that left his “compadre” speechless. Johan Cruyff. This was the eternal “Cholo” Sotil, a waist-breaker who was immortalized at the point of goals and dream plays, during the 70s with the rojiblanca. What is your balance after the Double Playoff date? A champion of America takes the floor (in 1975).

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-Peru repeated the feat in Quito. What did you think of the triumph?

The national team needed to win to continue in the fight to go to the World Cup. Now we start again. It was important to include Gianluca Lapadula.

-He surrendered at the height and gave a pass for the goals of Cueva and Advíncula …

Lapadula showed that it can develop well in the flat and high. He ran and made diagonals that can melt anyone, they tire, but his effort, work, like all the boys, was meritorious.

-Lapadula is not afraid of the kick, he always goes to the front …

He has a strong build. He is used to that game, he has no problems in that sense. And look that the Ecuadorians were meter ninety, they came out to scratch him, but he appealed to his build. Also, Cave’s ability and Advincula, who were assisted by Lapadula.

Hugo Sotil was vaccinated last month against COVID-19.  (Photo: GEC).
Hugo Sotil was vaccinated last month against COVID-19. (Photo: GEC).

-Hugo Sotil was made of steel, he always went to shock …

I played with strong center-forwards who were going to clash like Jaime Mosquera, Manuel Mellán. In Europe, with big boys. When I came to the Peruvian team I had “Perico” León, Guillermo La Rosa, they distracted the rivals. For this reason, Cuevita with his ability managed to score a goal. You always have to have a center forward like Lapadula, who goes to the crash, and take advantage of that.

-Would you like to see Lapadula-Guerrero in action?

I always said it, Guerrero must play with a forward who goes to the clash, who makes diagonals and provides facilities in attack, Lapadula is his future companion for other commitments in the selection.

-Cueva was reunited with the goal. What was missing?

A player like Lapadula. He was able to score more goals. When Lapadula ran from one side to the other, the Ecuadorians did not know where to go to mark him. Cuevita played calmer, like Carrillo. Even Advíncula made a wall with Lapadula.

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-Peru was reborn in Quito …

The draw was useless, only the triumph. With the 2 to 0 we had to have more the ball, to oxygenate ourselves, because after with the 2 to 1, we all got nervous. It was a misleading result, happily it was won.

– Who does Lapadula remind you of?

To those who go to the crash. In three quarters of the field they gave me caresses, inside the area they hit me with head butts, punches, the referees looked at the play and said nothing.

-The America’s Cup is coming. Is it possible to win it?

I think the South American teams will not go to Brazil with all their full people. They will rotate and test players. Hopefully Peru is encouraged to put boys so that they have international filming, those who have not been playing. Later when they return to the Playoffs, they will have more experience to continue scoring points. The boys are the ones who will defend the colors of Peru. Unfortunately, in 1970 we were monsters, but it took a while to continue betting on the quarries to continue playing world championships. It took many years to return to another World Cup, we must not expect that again. Professor Gareca must give the boys a chance at the America Cup.

-Are Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia and Chile our immediate rivals?

Hopefully they continue to lose points and we add, since Brazil and Argentina are practically classified.

-Did the VAR do justice to Peru in Quito?

Yes, but it made our hair stand on end. When they score a goal, the first thing they now have to look at is the linesman, and you can’t even celebrate well. Now the referee looks at the linesman, then listens and goes to the VAR.

-Is there a lot of controversy with the VAR?

It has many flaws. The only VAR I like is the other one (laughs).

Johan Cruyff acknowledged to El Comercio, in 2013, that Hugo Sotil was a great friend and that they never distanced themselves.  (Photo: Don Balon)
Johan Cruyff acknowledged to El Comercio, in 2013, that Hugo Sotil was a great friend and that they never distanced themselves. (Photo: Don Balon)

-Does Farfán still have football to continue in the national team?

Sure. Hopefully he will recover soon and smile again on a playing field, where he is happy. He has a lot to give to Peruvian football. He is a strong player, he will recover.

-Barcelona did not win anything. What do you think about his irregular campaign?

Everything started badly from the start of the preseason with the problems with Koeman, who did not want Suárez. It turns out that he went to Atlético and was a scorer, champion, the best, but in Barcelona they took him out. It is not finished, it is stronger. Hopefully things change for the better of the club and they win the League again, the Champions League, but they must have a large squad of 30 players.



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