Having a high IQ won’t necessarily make you richer

AWith 2,600 billion dollars of GDP, France is ranked 7the world rank in terms of domestic wealth. However, the intelligence quotient (IQ) of the French would be below the average, with a score of 99. If the power of the brain does have an effect on their personal finances, the causal link is not so obvious, analysis MoneyTransfers in a study published this Wednesday, June 9. Indeed, other factors come into play, such as divorce or even smoking.

If we look at the results by country, we observe a differential between the average IQ and the GDP. In Poland, for example, the country’s intelligence is above average while the national wealth is much lower than that of France, at $ 595 billion. Conversely, Switzerland and Sweden have rather average results in terms of IQ per capita despite being among the wealthiest states. This can be explained by favorable economic arrangements, such as natural resources or low corporate tax rates.

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A partial methodology

According to several studies, there is indeed a link between wealth and intelligence, but it must be put into perspective with other factors. As mentioned above, divorce or smoking will have a greater impact on a household’s finances than on individual intelligence. We can also talk about inheritance or marital status. In other words, an heir with an IQ just above the average will have a higher net worth than one with a much higher IQ but not having benefited from an estate.

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Beyond individual intelligence, the historical, geographical or even political situation will influence the financial health of the country. In conclusion, a high IQ can naturally help generate income, but socioeconomic status is also paramount. Especially since IQ tests, criticized by some scientists for their partial methodology, do not take into account certain forms of intelligence, such as memory or creativity.

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