Half a hundred young people from JSD and JP demand the resignation of Fernando Medina

About fifty young people from the Social Democratic Youth (JSD) and the Popular Youth (JP) protested this Friday for the resignation of the mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina (PS), after sharing personal data with Russian activists .

With orange JSD flags and blue JP flags, the young people gathered in front of Lisbon City Hall, in Paços do Concelho, in a demonstration “for democracy and freedom”, with several posters against Fernando Medina, highlighting a white banner with ” #medinaout”.

In addition to the posters and slogans such as “Medina, come here and I’ll give you some good data” and “Oh my Saint Anthony | The Medina has banned sardines | But already with Putin | It’s all without pimples”, the protest culminated in the delivery, at the Lisbon City Council reception, of a bottle of Russian vodka and a ‘matrioska’.

Inside a cardboard box saying “from Russia with love”, the bottle of Russian vodka is addressed to Fernando Medina, “so that he can drown his sorrows after his resignation”, said the president of JSD District of Lisbon, Andreia Bernardo .

The ‘matrioska’ was delivered by Ângelo Pereira, president of the PSD’s Lisbon district, explaining that the Russian doll represents, in addition to the attack on freedom and democracy, “other lies by Fernando Medina”, namely that it failed to organize the Sporting’s celebrations, which promised 14 new health centers and only opened two, which promised 6,000 homes and only delivered 300.

It symbolizes the lies of Fernando Medina and the only way is to be fired”, said the social democrat Ângelo Pereira, rejecting the idea of ​​political opportunism with the situation of sharing personal data of Russian activists to the Russian embassy in Lisbon, considering that such “it is a reality that has to have consequences”.

For the president of the Lisbon district of the PSD, if Fernando Medina does not resign, “the people will fire him on the day of the municipal elections” and the next president of the Lisbon City Council will be the social democrat Carlos Moedas, who introduces himself as “a serious and transparent candidate”.

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Considering that the act of sharing data by protest promoters “is not typical of a rule of law, nor of a democracy”, the president of the JSD, Alexandre Poço, defended that the problem “is too serious for the blame to die single. or that the blame goes through a procedure that ends up exonerating Fernando Medina of a responsibility that is political”.

Fernando Medina needs to take the attitude of a dignified man, a dignified politician, which is to present his resignation”, reinforced Alexandre Poço.

Asked about the possibility of the situation having happened in a municipal executive led by the PSD, the president of the JSD affirmed that the responsibility rests with the political decision maker “regardless of the party”, assuring that “there are no clubbing or party fanaticism”.

If a member of my party or one of these two organizations [JSD e JP] had a mistake in such a serious way, I think that he would have no other situation than to present his resignation and assume political responsibility for a situation as serious as this one”, pointed out Alexandre Poço, adding that, despite not having been Fernando Medina who sent the ’email’ with the activists’ data, the mayor must assume responsibilities.

From the perspective of the president of JP, Francisco Camacho, the protest of the young people is a reflection that “the new generations do not tolerate this spirit of restriction, of conditioning, of any type of citizen in the country”.

Regarding the sharing of personal data of protest promoters, the president of the PJ said that, regardless of the political party, the position on the situation would be one of “revolt” and “repudiation”, as well as solidarity with the activists, “that today, unfortunately, not only were they already in a difficult situation in their country, they now see their relatives conditioned by this situation”.

It shames the new generations, who were born in freedom and want to continue in freedom, the new generations who defend their privacy, their data, the way in which, being born in a context of the European Union, they can circulate without restrictions”, said the centrist Francisco Camacho, considering that “the Lisbon municipality and Fernando Medina not only provide a bad example, but also a very worrying indicator for the future of Portugal”.

The newspapers Expresso and Observador reported on Wednesday that the Lisbon City Council made it reach the Russian authorities the names, addresses and contacts of three Russian activists who organized a protest in January in front of the Russian embassy in Lisbon for the release of Alexey Navalny, an opponent of the Russian government.

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At a press conference late on Thursday morning, the mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina, admitted that the three activists’ personal data had been shared, asked for “public apologies” and assumed that it was “a regrettable mistake. that couldn’t have happened.”

The socialist mayor also announced that asked for an audit on the holding of demonstrations in the municipality in recent years, taking into account that the chamber has been leading the process since 2011, after the extinction of the civil governor position.

The case sparked a wave of criticism and requests for clarification from Amnesty International and political parties, including the PSD, CDS-PP, Left Block, PCP, Liberal Initiative, Livre and Volt Portugal.

Carlos Coins, the PSD candidate for the Lisbon Chamber, asked for the resignation of Fernando Medina and the Aliança party said it would report the case to the Attorney General’s Office.

The PSD and the CDS-PP announced that they will call Fernando Medina to parliament, with the Social Democrats extending this request to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva.

The National Data Protection Commission confirmed that opened an investigation process the sharing of personal data of the three Russian activists.

This Friday, the Russian ambassador to Portugal, Mikhail Kamynin, assured that the embassy had eliminated the data of the protesters of the protest against Putin’s government that took place in Lisbon, stressing that the information had not been transmitted to Moscow.


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