From the girls of Alcàsser to the ‘little fish’ Gabriel: the black list of the most media crimes of minors

The discovery this Thursday of 6-year-old Olivia’s lifeless body one of the two girls who were missing in Tenerife, confirms the worst suspicions about the fatal outcome of the case. The minor disappeared on April 27 along with his sister, Anna, one year old, and his father, Tomás Gimeno, the main suspect in the murder.

Thus, the case is added to the already long list of murders of minors and young people that have shaken public opinion in Spain The following are some of the most media cases that have occurred so far.

The girls of Alcasser

The kidnapping and murder of Miriam, Toñi and Desirée, three adolescents between 14 and 15 years old, marked a before and after in Spanish society and in the way the Spanish media treat events. The calls three girls from Alcàsser (Valencia) were raped and tortured to death by the fugitive Antonio Angles and his pal Miguel Ricart.

Monolith in memory of Miriam, Toñi and Desireé, the three murdered girls from Alcàsser, in the cemetery of the Valencian town.

The victims were last seen 13 November 1992, when they went on foot from Alcàsser, where they lived, to the Coolor nightclub in the neighboring town of Picassent, where they never arrived.

His disappearance gave way to an intense search that ended on January 27, 1993 when two beekeepers found their corpses in a place with difficult access known as La Romana, near the Tous dam.

They were arrested Miguel Ricart, who admitted his involvement in the crimes and was sentenced to 170 years in prison, and Enrique Anglés, which was eventually released. The main suspect and alleged perpetrator of the deaths, Antonio Angles, remains unaccounted for to date and is one of the most wanted escapees in Spain.

Mari Luz Cortés

The girl Mari Luz Cortés, five years old, He disappeared on January 13, 2008. He was going to buy trinkets at a kiosk near his home in Huelva when Santiago del Valle, a neighbor in the area, threw a teddy bear from the balcony and asked him to carry it up. When the little girl entered the portal, Del Valle wanted to sexually abuse her.

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A photograph of Mari Luz Cortés.

Mari Luz resisted and Del Valle hit on the head. Later, he transferred the minor, unconscious but still alive, in a shopping cart to the Huelva estuary, where he submerged her in the marshes. Mari Luz drowned.

His body was found on March 7 in the Oil dock in the outer port of Huelva. Until then the search was peppered with controversy, and even the girl’s mother accused the father, Juan José Cortés, of murder.

Santiago del Valle was arrested in Cuenca on March 25, he was tried and sentenced to 22 years in prison and another nine for his sister Rosa del Valle as an accomplice.

Marta del Castillo

Antonio del Castillo, Marta's father, interviewed in 'Espejo Público'.

Marta del Castillo, 17, disappeared on January 24, 2009. He had left his home in Seville to meet some friends and did not return. Miguel Carcaño, the confessed perpetrator of the murder, is sentenced to 21 years in prison for the events but has reached change your version of events eight times.

Other detainees during the investigations, such as Samuel Benitez, Javier García Martín El Cuco and Francisco Javier Delgado, were eventually released.

In his latest change, he claims that his brother Francisco Javier Delgado was guilty of the murder, by killing Marta with a pistol during an argument. However, the judge has not found sufficient grounds to reopen the investigation.

The victim’s body still missing, and his parents continue to demand the extension of the investigations and the values ​​of the search for the corpse.

The murder perpetrated by Breton

Children Ruth and José, six and two years old, died on October 8, 2011 murdered by their father, José Bretón, in Huelva, as a revenge against her mother, who had communicated her intentions to divorce.

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Breton took the minors to a her sister’s farm, Las Quemadillas, where supplied medications (Motivan and Orfidal) to knock them unconscious.

Jose Breton

Then he prepared a great bonfire where they burned their bodies (It is not known if at this point the children had already died from drug poisoning). Later he called the police assuring that in a mistake he had lost them in a park.

The investigation eventually found the skeletal remains and Breton was sent to prison on October 22. It was sentenced in July 2013 to 40 years in prison, punishment that was later lowered to 25 years after a defense appeal on the liquidation of the sentence.

The Asunta case

Rosario Porto, the mother of the 12-year-old girl found dead on the outskirts of Santiago.

The disappearance of the girl Asunta Basterra Porto, 12 years old, was denounced by her parents on September 21, 2013 in Galicia. It was a minor whose original name was Fang Yong, from the Chinese city of Yongzhou (Hunan), and who had been adopted at just one year old by the marriage formed by the lawyer Rosario Porto Ortega, and the journalist Alfonso Basterra Camporro,

The day after the complaint, the Asunta’s corpse on a forest track from the parish of San Simón de Ons de Cacheiras, in the municipality of Teo (A Coruña). Two days later, the parents were arrested and subsequently convicted of the murder.

In November 2020, Rosario Porto was found dead, hanged in her prison cell in Avila.

Diana and El Chicle

Diana Quer, 18 years old, She was a young woman from Madrid from Pozuelo de Alarcón who spent the summer with her mother in the Galician town of Pobla do Carmiñal. The night of August 21 left home to attend a nearby party and did not return.

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José Enrique Abuín Gey el Chicle, makes use of his right to have the last word.

His parents reported his disappearance and the search device was activated, which lasted for 16 months. After an intense investigation, with several interrogations of suspects with a history of sexual crimes, the Civil Guard arrested on December 29, 2017 to José Enrique Abuín El Chicle,

The investigation showed that El Chicle had kidnapped Diana and killed her while trying to sexually abuse her. the night of his disappearance. He hid the body in the water well of an abandoned warehouse. Was sentenced to reviewable permanent prison.

The ‘little fish’ Gabriel

The trail of child Gabriel Cruz He was lost on February 27, 2018 when he left his paternal grandmother’s house at around 3:30 p.m. in the district of Las Hortichuelas, in Almería. The disappearance complaint was followed two weeks of harrowing search in which the photo of the minor, nicknamed by his family fish, se hizo viral.

Finally, the Civil Guard found the Gabriel’s body on March 11 of that year. Later it was learned that from the beginning the agents suspected the father’s partner, Ana Julia Quezada, and had been subjected to intense surveillance.

This is how they detected the day the woman dug up the body and put it in the trunk of her car to take it to another place, at which point she was detained. Quezada was sentenced to reviewable permanent prison.


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