Franck Dubosc: his funny confidences on his ten days with his children, without his wife

This Friday, June 11, 2021, Franck Dubosc was invited on the set of C à vous. While promoting his new film The Meaning of Family, the actor agreed to give some secrets about his own family life.

For fifteen years, Franck Dubosc has been a man in love! Married to Danièle for eleven years, the actor is also the father of two boys, Raphaël (11 years old) and Milhan (8 years old). If the artist had revealed that he felt guilty when he left his children to go on tour, he kept his last for ten days by being alone! While his wife was away, the 57-year-old comedian shared humorous videos of his daily life on social networks. You could hear him asking his sons to brush their teeth, to which one of them replied: “We’re going to brush our buttocks!In another video, he could be seen negotiating for Raphael and Milhan’s bedtime.

Dad solo for a few days, Franck Dubosc has agreed to confide in this experience on the set of C à vous. “This is the first time that I had my children alone for more than 24 hours“, he confided before rectifying by adding:”More than twelve hours!“Amused, the comedian explained:”I had never had them! My wife left for a Natur’elles rally, it was an electric rally only with women, and so she abandoned me … Finally, it was me who gave her the go. Of course, she asked me before and I said to her: ‘Of course, on the contrary, it is an opportunity to meet with the children’ and to see that it is very difficult!“After explaining that his sons wanted to sleep with him, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine asked him:”And at the end of these ten days without mom, they didn’t say to you: ‘Go on tour daddy?’“Amused, Franck Dubosc replied:”They were very happy that their mother came home … And me too!

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Franck Dubosc has the impression of abandoning his children

Last January, it was already on the set of C to you that the star had made some confidences about his paternity. “I tell the audience: ‘I just want them to see you, you, so that they understand why daddy is leaving’ (…) It’s true that seeing the audience and understanding the pleasure that can feel, they are small to understand that“, he revealed. In 2013, it is in the columns of nice morning that Franck Dubosc had confided: “Being a dad is now the most important thing, but it hasn’t changed the way I write. I’m not trying to be more serious because I’m a dad. It’s very nice to start playing again. On each date, I abandon my children … You have to really love your audience anyway!

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