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Kafka in the MCU

Loki, on Disney +


The surprise of the week. Who would say that Loki, the new series bet of Marvel, would come wrapped in a bureaucratic labyrinth in the purest style Kafka? The Agency for Temporal Variation (AVT) in which the baddest character in the world lands MCU, has more than Come back tomorrow, of Larra, than of the epic battles that Marvel had accustomed us to.

Well thought out, and putting the previous series of Disney + about the MCU, it is evident the will of the Mouse House for capturing a more adult audience in these proposals for their digital platform, including viewers who had not finished connecting with their films for theaters.

Loki, in addition, it mixes the science fiction of AVT with the classic buddy ‘movie’, in this case interpreted by Tom Hiddleston Y Owen Wilson. Like The Mandalorian dragged a lot of unconditional western fan it is very likely that Loki will do the same with lovers of policemen to two.

You will fall in love

The world to come on Apple TV, Prime Video Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store and PlayStation Store (digital rental and purchase).

The world to come
The world to come

“I have become my sorrow,” says Abigail, the character she plays. Katherine Waterson Y The world to come the film in which he stars is just as lucid and poetic. Set in a remote place in the 19th century, it is the story of a romance between two women told by them in the form of a diary.

A voiceover of distilled prose, melancholic, romantic, as beautiful as the background music, leads us through the love story of these two women wonderfully interpreted by Vanessa Kirby Y Waterson, a haven of peace and happiness in a hard, rough, impossible land.

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“I regret that the only thing I can give you is this letter and I regret everything that a letter cannot be,” says one lover to the other in a sample of how beautiful their love story is, made impossible by the time, by their husbands. . Cassey Affleck plays Abigail’s husband and his love for her, loyal, understanding beyond belief, is also very exciting. Directed by Mona Fastvold, screenwriter of Vox Lux: The Price of Fame, another film that we were passionate about.

Max Renn would be proud

Possessor Uncut, on Movistar +

Possessor Uncut
Possessor Uncut
Movistar +

Just take a look at the photo that heads this text to believe that Brandon Cronenberg He is the son of his father. The Canadian pays tribute to his surname on many occasions from Possessor Uncut, his second film after Antiviral, updating many of his styles, twists of the flesh and extravagant possessions that escape the human.

To begin with, through his main character (Andrea Riseborough), a mercenary who works for an organization capable of possessing the bodies of certain innocents and turning them into criminals thanks to brain implant technology. Has anyone said Videodrome?

Things get complicated in the last case ordered by his boss –Jennifer Jason Leigh, expert at concatenating bad movies – when she gets caught in the mind of a useful fool played by Christopher Abbott -To be more exact, Marnie’s ex in Girls, whom someone has finally taken as an actor. In fact, Abbott defends with enough solvency the mess of being two at the same time, the best of the film together with the visual universe displayed by Cronenberg Jr.

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The miracle of P. Tinto reloaded

Regrettable stories, on Amazon Prime Video

Regrettable stories
Regrettable stories
Amazon Prime Video

Many of the actors in Regrettable stories they have no photo on IMDb. The viewer attends absorbed to a display of talent provided by interpreters who have either never seen or heard remotely from TV or theater.

In today’s Spanish cinema, where the same four actors and actresses annually parade on the red carpet of Los Goya, This is something extraordinary, one of those occasions in which to claim that casting directors would deserve their own nomination at the Academy Awards and a demonstration of how refreshing the freedom of a director without television ties is.

The Regrettable stories from Fesser, which also opens in theaters this weekend, they are purely spanking and remember in their best moments The miracle of P. Tinto, from the cartoonesque protagonist of The man on the beach even the good characters of false bad intentions of Ayoub’s birthday. And, thus, the quality of the stories increases until reaching that kind of The Game Aragonese titled The excuse, in which a company is dedicated to making the most bizarre pretexts for its customers to come out of their worst gaffes. The event is fun but, once again, the actors who play it embroider it.


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