Euro 2021 kicks off: guide to know where and at what time to watch the matches

Mediaset Spain has released this Wednesday the coverage that it will carry out during Euro 2021. After a heart attack League, a recently concluded Champions League and a Europa League with Spanish victory, this coming Friday, June 11, the postponed Euro Cup will begin 2020. The European competition par excellence celebrates its 60th anniversary with a special edition in which, for the first time in history, 24 teams will play in 11 venues spread across the continent, with the public in the stands.

Mediaset has shown its cards, revealing the games that Telecinco and Cuatro will offer until June 19. From that moment, the group reserves the strategy that it will follow with the following meetings, although everything indicates that there will be few changes. The Fuencarral group will offer the 51 games on its main channels and on Mitele.

Manu Carreño and José Antonio Luque will be in charge of the narration of the matches

Furthermore, la Eurocopa will flood the grid of Telecinco, Cuatro and Be Mad with daily special programs made both on set, as in the Ciudad del Fútbol de las Rozas -where the Spanish National Team will be concentrated- and in the stadiums themselves. The Eurocup will have an extraordinary display in the digital environment and with Mitele Plus Euro Total, a 24-hour channel with exclusive content for subscribers to the Mitele Plus basic package. As a great novelty, viewers will have an alternative signal on the Mitele website to follow the main matches, including those in Spain, with narration and comments from the most prominent soccer youtubers at the national level.

For this extensive coverage, Mediaset España will have a human team of more than 100 people led by JJ Santos, who will have Manu Carreño and José Antonio Luque in charge of the narration of the matches; with José Antonio Camacho, Kiko Narváez and Fernando Morientes as commentators; and with specialized journalists Pablo Pinto, Ricardo Reyes, Aritz Gabilondo, Juan Castro, Luis García, Matías Prats Chacón, Luis Alberto Vaquero and Menottinto during the broadcasts and on the programs.

51 matches, open

The competition will start this Friday, June 11, with the opening match, which will be played by Turkey and Italy in Rome and which can be seen on Telecinco (9:00 p.m.). From that day on, Mediaset España will offer the 36 group stage matches on its main channels until June 23, every day at 3:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. the eight round of 16 matches (June 26-29); the fourth quarter (July 2 and 3); the two semifinals (July 6 and 7) and the final (July 11).

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Manu Carreño will be in charge of the narration of the three games that Spain will play in Seville in this phase, with the comments of José Antonio Camacho and Kiko Narváez, as well as other meetings of interest and the final of the championship. The rest of the games will be narrated by José Antonio Luque in its majority and by Pablo Pinto, along with various members of the commentary team.

Matches of Spain

– 6/14/21 Spain-Sweden: Telecinco 9:00 p.m.
– 6/19/21 Spain-Poland: Telecinco 9:00 p.m.
– 6/23/21 Slovakia-Spain: Telecinco 18: 00h.

First matches of Euro 2021. (Mediaset)

Friday 11

Group A: Turkey-Italy (9:00 p.m.). Telecinco and Mitele.

Saturday 12

Group A: Wales-Switzerland (15:00). Four and Mitele.
Group B: Denmark-Finland (18:00). Four and Mitele.
Group B: Belgium-Russia (21:00). Telecinco and Mitele.

Sunday the 13th

Group D: England-Croatia (15:00). Four and Mitele.
Group C: Austria-North Macedonia (18:00). Four and Mitele.
Group C: Netherlands-Ukraine (21:00). Telecinco and Mitele.

Monday 14

Group D: Scotland-Czech R. (15:00). Four and Mitele.
Group E: Poland-Slovakia (18:00). Four and Mitele.
Group E: Spain-Sweden (21:00). Telecinco and Mitele.

Tuesday 15

Group F: Hungary-Portugal (18:00). Four and Mitele.
Group F: France-Germany (21:00). Telecinco and Mitele.

Wednesday 16th

Group B: Finland-Russia (15:00). Four and Mitele.
Group A: Turkey-Wales (18:00). Four and Mitele.
Group A: Italy-Switzerland (21:00). Telecinco and Mitele.

First matches of Euro 2021. (Mediaset)

Thursday 17

Group C: Ukraine-North Macedonia (15:00). Four and Mitele.
Group B: Denmark-Belgium (18:00) Four and Mitele.
Group D: England-Scotland (21:00). Telecinco and Mitele.

Friday 18th

Group E: Sweden-Slovakia (15:00). Four and Mitele.
Group D: Croatia-Czech Republic (18:00). Four and Mitele.
Group D: England-Scotland (21:00). Telecinco and Mitele.

Saturday 19th

Group F: Hungary-France (15:00). Four and Mitele.
Group F: Portugal-Germany (18:00). Four and Mitele.
Group E: Spain-Poland (21:00). Telecinco and Mitele.

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Main faces of the coverage of the Eurocup 2021. (Mediaset)

Since the start of the competition, a team of 55 professionals from Mediaset Spain will follow the Spanish National Team in its journey and all the programs before and after the matches played will be carried out live from the stadium of the host city, which in the group stage will be the La Cartuja Stadium in Seville.

With three victories in its record, Spain is together with Germany the team that has won the Eurocup the most times: in 1964 against the Soviet Union, in 2008 against Germany and in 2012 when they beat Italy 4-0, the biggest win seen in a final in the history of the championship. In case of being victorious in this edition, Spain will write its name in gold letters in the Eurocup by becoming the country with the most wins to its name.

José Antonio Camacho joins as a commentator at Euro 2021. (Mediaset)

Special programs on Telecinco and Cuatro

From the opening day to the final day at Wembley, football will be the main protagonist on the main channels of Mediaset España from noon to early morning. The Sports team has prepared a series of daily special programs that will take place both on set and on the stages of the Eurocup and that will serve as a link between the broadcasts of the matches. The last hour of the competition, the results, the goals, the statistics, the training sessions, the controversies, the analysis, interviews with the protagonists of the day and a general review of each day will backbone the contents of these spaces that will be interspersed between the grills by Cuatro, Telecinco and Be Mad.

• 2:20 pm – ‘Sports Four in the Eurocup’ (Four). Informative space presented by Manu Carreño.
• 17: 00h – ‘Sports Four in the Eurocup’ (Four). Informative space presented by Manu Carreño.
• 20: 00h – ‘Sports Four in the Eurocup’ (Four). Sports gathering hosted by Ricardo Reyes.
• 23: 00h – ‘All the Eurocopa en Mediaset’ (Telecinco). Review of the day presented by JJ Santos.
• 23: 30h – ‘The uncheck of the Eurcopa’ (Be Mad and Tuesdays in Cuatro). Sports gathering hosted by Luis García.

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In addition, JJ Santos in Telecinco and Manu Carreño in Cuatro, will take charge every day of the Sports blocks of Informativos Telecinco and Deportes Cuatro, respectively.

In the case of Cuatro, Mediaset España will dispense with its afternoon programs (‘Everything is a lie’ and ‘Four a day’) to host the broadcast of the different matches and to accommodate the editions of ‘Deportes Cuatro’. While in the case of Telecinco, the grid will dispense with ‘The right price’ to offer instead a preview of the matches. In addition, after the matches, the chain will offer a review with images of the matches of the day.

Kiko Narváez, commentator for Euro 2021. (Mediaset)

Digital coverage

The Eurocup will feature in Mitele with ‘Eurotubers’, a digital content channel that will offer an alternative broadcast live of the most prominent matches, including those in Spain, with the participation of some of the soccer youtubers with the most followers nationwide. With sportswriter Menottinto and YouTube content creator DJMaRiio as main hosts, it will feature guests who accumulate millions of YouTube followers like RobertPG, Kolderiu, and Cacho01.

In addition, it will offer content created especially for the pre, rest and post-game, which will have the live participation of the audience, and which will be available for viewing on demand along with the summary of the best moments and news on the program’s site.

JJ Santos, director of coverage for Euro 2021. (Mediaset)

In addition, subscribers to the Mitele Plus basic package will have ‘Mitele Plus Euro Total’, a specific channel on the platform with 24 hours uninterrupted of Eurocopa, which will bring together all the games and special programs and will also offer exclusive programs: the day will start earlier in Mitele Plus with an exclusive Preview of ‘Deportes Cuatro’ (2:00 p.m.) with the analysis of Ramón Rodríguez ‘Monchi’, director Sevilla FC sports; at 11:00 pm there will be an exclusive review of the day with a Preview of ‘The Unchecking of the Eurocup’; The channel will also offer UEFA special programs such as ‘Road to Euro’, ‘UEFA Great Goals’ and ‘UEFA Archive Series’.

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