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It is being said that the presentation of annulment appeals against 802 acts by Popular Force It is a legal action but not very democratic, because it would no longer be possible for the other party to also file similar appeals against acts in which Fuerza Popular won and in which there would also have been fraud or irregularities.

But it’s not like that. Who was in charge of doing it at the tables themselves were the representatives of Free Peru, which challenged votes in the majority of 461 polling stations, and, above all, the ONPE, which observed 886 minutes, mainly in Lima, Piura and La Libertad, where it had won Keiko Fujimori. (For the rest, Peru Libre has also filed annulment actions against 128 records in Loreto).

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In many cases, these 886 minutes observed by the ONPE they were correct, but were attributed illegibility defects, for example, that they were not such. On the other hand, he missed many minutes in the areas where Pedro Castillo won, which had evident inconsistencies, irregularities and vices, which are shown in the cases that Fuerza Popular has presented and objected, and which, in a certain proportion, would be the product of actions willful. Something otherwise consistent with the directive given by Peru Libre to the officials to take the voting tables before the polling station members arrive.

As is logical, usually the highest proportion of records observed by the ONPE occurs in remote or rural areas, where training is less. This time it happened the other way around. This is what emerges from the data, and it certainly raises concern. After this process, what happened here should be investigated.

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Meanwhile, it only remains to hope that the National Elections Jury will resolve all these cases with the greatest possible transparency and electoral justice. And accept the end result, whatever it may be.

That must be the attitude. They do not collaborate to this end, nor is it prudent for Pedro Castillo to proclaim himself the winner ahead of time, or for Keiko Fujimori to come out to report fraud, even though it was clarified that he was referring to table fraud. Fortunately, in the presentation the day before yesterday on annulment appeals, the word fraud was no longer used, although some of the acts presented clearly indicated alteration of the popular will.

For this reason, the complaints are justified and it is now a matter of ensuring that the electoral institution resolves without biasing, and waiting calmly, lowering tensions. Finally, what is of interest is the country and it will not be viable if, after the final count is known, it is not possible to establish bridges to agree on a path that allows the economy to really recover and begin to solve the structural problems that hit us hard in this pandemic, everyone.


Ipsos: this was the results of the 100% quick count
The count was announced on América Televisión. At 7 p.m. on Sunday, the voting tables were closed in Peru in a new day marked by the pandemic.


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