The era of the 'sensible consumer'

Those who make the call to the governor, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, and the Secretary of Health, Efrén Encinas Torres, are the parents of the Pediatric Hospital of Sinaloa (HPS), who said they constantly have fights with the shortage of drugs and cancer treatments. Faced with the situation, the families said that they have to be paying expenses from supplies such as gloves, syringes and scalpel for surgeries, for this reason they ask for an immediate solution to the problem. If you find yourself in the same situation or know of an alternative for this situation, call “fon” (667) 7587000.

> Job for security guard
A breed with experience as a security guard is requested to take a look at the schools in the port of La Reforma, in the municipality of Angostura, because lovers of the alien have already done some of theirs and the neighbors wish Let these fights stop so that the children find the schools in good condition when they return to the classrooms. If you know of someone who wants to enter you, call the Director of Public Security, Sergio Lagunes, at 697 734 00 33.

> Wanted metal smith
The Federal Electricity Commission is looking for an expert metal forger with whom they can order to make a large cover to replace the one that was lost or stolen in the registry located on Avenida San Alejandro, almost on the corner of San Pedro, in San Marcos subdivision, because they are not willing that because of their fault or carelessness, the race is going to have an accident, as happened to a motorist when falling into the uncovered well. Luckily the neighbors reached out to the CFE and put buckets so that no one else had mishaps and things did not end in something worse. Interested in throwing the jalecillo, please contact 071, with the superintendent José Luis López Haro or whoever answers.

> A hypnotist is urgent
The honorable Guasave Fire Department is desperately looking for a hypnotist who is used to dealing with many people and who can actually cause a change through this technique to see if this way the producers stop incurring in the burning of soca, because There are many services that have to attend for this cause, despite the prohibition that exists and that they are supposed to be sanctioned. If you think you can handle the package, call the agency’s operative commander, Jorge Javier Morales, at 872 04 22. The truth is that given the incident, the hiring would be immediate and if the desired objectives are achieved, the pay will be enough good.

> Wasting water
In the city of Los Mochis, the Board of Potable Water and Sewerage of the Municipality of Ahome (Japama) needs that in hot brigades are assembled and they pass the tip of people who are wasting water because there are neighbors who just don’t They fit in the sweater that the water is running out at once, why don’t you see the news? By telling them that there are about 76 minutes for the waste of liquid that have been raised in Ahome. There if you can, please, call the good guy from the dependency, Hernán Medina Soto, on the phone 6688120404 so that he can tell you at the time of some wasteful man to gouge, so that they put him in a hot waist, and this is urgent, giddy Up!

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