Doctors Without Borders warns of the mental suffering of migrants in Darien

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) alerted in a interview with Efe of mint wearhe with whom they arrive the migrants after crossing the Darien, the frontera natural and jungle between Panama Y Colombia, considered one of the migration routes more dangerous of world.

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“There are people that his stay it’s more durable, that’s where we see that at the level of mental health We’re having cases very complexyes “, said the MSF field coordinator in Darien, Raul Lopez, Over the migrants that come to White Lajas, one of the three seasons from immigration reception on Darien.
Lopez ehe explained that the displaced of that migration station concrete present “canxiety squares, attempts to self-harm or suicideor “due to stay prolonged and the uncertainty from his situation.
“(There are) a lot of needs from mental health by lack of information what is going to happen with it, to see a uncertain future“he added.
López distinguishes From types of patientyes, those who come to Bajo Chiquito, the first community with which migrants I know bump and in which there is another reception migratory, and those of White Lajas.
On Bajo Chiquito the foreign arrive directly find accommodation Y adapt.
“There are cases when they arrive exhausted, and they need that psychological supportor, but above all the cases in what have suffered some type of aggression either assault, robbery, and above all the sexual violence“, detailed.
Known as the Darien plug, the jungle frontier is useevery year for miles of migrants who they try to arrive a United States or Canada Searching the “American dreamcoming from from South America.
The migration route is highly dangerous, not only because of the characteristics of a rainforestbut by the presence of armed groups Y transnational criminal organizations. The migrants they denounce how often they are assaulted.
The local authorities e international have pointed out that the great most this population in transit it is Haitian, in many cases entire families that left the island after the 2010 earthquake and were settled in Brazil and Chile. But there is also Cuban citizens and from pAsian countries, Africa and also some South Americans.
Since MSF came to Darien, last 28th of April, until end may they carried out 3.390 doctor visitsas, with a average of 5 individual consultations Y 5 mental health groups a day.
Only the first day they attended “about 150 persons because there is a very high flow despite the fact that dry season ended and the e beganrainy season“Lopez explained.
“The cases from sexual violencewhat we saw this first day we already went from five people, which we alarmed and We have followed having cases“added the coordinator of team, composed between 10 and 12 people distributed in the different arrival points.
In the places they understand MSF there is a doctor, enumber, psychologist and logistician, Lopez explained.
“We know, because the migrants, that there are people who are staying on the road because no can continue for extreme tirednessor, and there is people what are they being buried on the route“, He said López.
In what it’s year, at least 12 migrants have died Y 17,000 have crossed the bordera, according to official figures from the Panamanian authorities.
“There are families that carry children in their arms and when they cross the river with the flood, they are carried away,” added López.
López was able to detail two cases to Efe: a Haitian family that “lost their 4-year-old girl whose body has been identified” and “another Haitian family that just yesterday (Wednesday) lost two of their children.”
The Panamanian Prosecutor’s Office has opened several investigations in Darien related to the massive influx of migrants in that area. People have also been arrested for illegal migrant smuggling and rape, among other crimes.
“There comes a time when stories what do they tell us (about assaults) we are very concerned about this situation, “he declared.
López explained that already attended 20 cases of sexual assaulthim, in which the profile of the victim is a woman of different national and arriving 72 after the incident.
“(They arrive) with less than 72 hours of what happened, with which fortunately within the terrible fact we can administer a kit that is available to prevent sexually transmitted diseasesl, they have all been adults, “he said.
“If they believe that putting themselves in our hands or reporting to the authorities is going to delay their route … it is very complex,” he concluded.

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