Dani Martin: "You have to be very spoiled to the brain, I have gone to the psychiatrist to teach me to tidy the room"

The singer Dani Martín has recognized, through their social networks, who has been going to the psychiatrist for a long time. And no, it’s not because I have a childa diagnosed mental illness or because a recent event that has affected your mental health needs to be treated. He does it, as he explains on Twitter, to improve as a person: “It is a gym where the head and the emotions are balanced, knots are undone and you know where many things come from “.

All this through a thread in which the artist explained that he was on the beach but that he has decided to catch a plane to go to a wonderful place. A place where, as he has recognized with his legion of followers, is where today he feels happiest. Why? Because it is a place where the channel can be opened without any problem. A quiet and comfortable space, where he gets emotional, connects with his childhood, with his sadness, with his shortcomings and with his mistakes.

Dani Martín responds in Hour 25 to Esther Bazán’s questions in a very special conversation in which Manuel Jabois also participates.

Dani Martín and Manuel Jabois

“Nor do I see it as an impact, I think it is nice to use social networks for whatever you want, I am in a beautiful moment of growth in which life has forced me to spend time with me, I am learning to live with my mistakes, not just enjoy my professionFrom success, there are a lot more things to work on and learn, “he explains in Hora 25.

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“I think it is wonderful to share that something is doing you good, we have fears, insecurities … and it has come out for me, I have wanted to share it, it has come out as a person wanting to express how I felt. I think that the networks are a great tool to tell people that apparently we are superheroes, but sometimes not, we value other things more. Suddenly stopping and spending time with yourself, I think it’s positive, “he says.

“The message he gives today is very powerful (…) He says that he takes care of his mental health, not that he is sick (…) One of the deficits that we have in health care in this country is precisely related to mental health (…) It is very positive that this type of consultation, communication and therapy have to be naturalized so that there is no stigma, “says Manuel Jabois, a friend of Dani Martín.

“I’m not afraid to talk about my emotions and my fears and even less with a professional because I know it will be for the better. I have gone there to be taught to order a room. I sat down and told him who I was, what was wrong with me and at what point I did not enjoy things or had hurt the people I love … a lot of things, “replied Martín.

On the causes of why he decides to go to the psychiatrist, he explains: “The year that forces me to stay at home and be with me changes everything. When all your self-esteem resides more in your profession than in your person, when the obligation of a confinement makes you be more with yourself … well it changes everything

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“Today when I wrote it I was not expecting any feedback, I was telling people how I was managing what happened to me. We are not that important all the time. I think it is precious to heal you in a lot of things to make you happier. The more sincere it is. one with oneself and more allows them to help one with the things that he does not do well, it is great to approach someone to help you (…) I think that the brain is a place like any other part of the body, we have to have it very pampered“He explains about posting this thread on social media.

“Nothing happens to me that does not happen to any human being, I go to a place so they can teach me how to use that box of tools (…) When you have that constant exercise every week it is important to know how to manage it“, sentence.

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