Dani Martín, proud to go to the psychiatrist: "I have no diagnosed mental illness"

  • The singer has opened the channel to share the benefits of going to the psychiatrist

  • A way of giving voice to mental health that has been widely applauded on social media

Dani Martin he has taken a plane to return to his “paradise”. And no, it is not Zahara de los Atunes, that refuge from Cádiz to which he flees to find peace. It is about a place where he is capable of being more himself, being happier, where he can speak and open up. “It is silent, comfortable, sometimes I am hot, I get excited, I connect with my childhood, with my sadness, with my shortcomings, my mistakes,” he has described. And that space is the psychiatrist’s consultation. He also opened on the channel on his last song, ‘How I would like to tell you‘, which he dedicates to his sister Miriam.

Dani Martín tells how the song dedicated to his sister came about

The psychiatrist, a lifesaver for Dani Martín

“It is worth finding places where you feel that you are working and learning,” he expressed with satisfaction. A “gym where the head and emotions are balanced, knots are undone, you know where many things come from” to which many are afraid to go.

Resounding success in music, managing your self-esteem or solving the trauma caused by the early death of his sister encouraged him to seek psychiatric help, and seeing the results, Dani Martín wanted to use his virtual speaker to create a movement, that of “I’m going to the psychiatrist”. In it, the singer has found an oasis in which you learn “to be who you are or, at least, you try”, “where you accept, where you assume”, where he is happy.

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Breaking stigmas with mental health

Your intention is that this plea will serve someone. “I do not consider myself a reference or someone who tries to influence or tell what everyone should do in their life “, he wanted to make it clear. “Neither have I eaten Buddha nor have I stopped being the wandering being that I am,” he clarified. And above all, to show that going to the psychiatrist can be motivated by countless reasons, Dani has explained that he has “no diagnosed mental illness” and that with this he is not looking for “support”.

What he wants to show is that he is alive, who is a person with imperfections and with a lot of work to do, but with tools to improve. “Psychiatrists not only medicate people, they also do wonderful jobs to tidy up the storage rooms that we each have inside, full of messy things, misplaced, neglected, with dust, and they teach you to get rid of others that we keep and that no longer we need ”, has settled.

Martín does not pretend to receive messages such as “but Dani, are you okay?”, “But what happened to you?”. His goal was just to give a voice to mental health. And from the thousands of reactions it has received, it seems to have succeeded.


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