Daily Horoscope June 12 – Don’t get caught up in bickering, Cancer


You will be puzzled at times in your career. In such a case, focus more on your home and family and your physical and emotional well-being. Success in your work will return on its own. Rather not go abroad and be more patient with parents and superiors.


As an emotionally involved person, the fate of less fortunate relatives concerns you intensely; what happens to them happens to you, and if they are well, you are well too. However, it is better for you if you can take some distance. Cultivate your faith and confidence to avoid heart disease.


Use restlessness positively by refurbishing a room at home or pulling weeds in the garden. You can add a new skill to your repertoire by mastering an unusual pastime.


Take extra care with issues that seem relatively unimportant. Believe it or not, trivial factors can have major consequences if overlooked or brushed aside. A warned person…


Confidence plus the experience you have gained can give you the push to start your own business. Meet up with friends who have taken a similar step so that you are aware of any pitfalls.


The time has come to put the wheels in motion into the future. Don’t get caught up in petty bickering with family or friends, as it’s a disastrous waste of energy. You have better things to do.


This weekend, make a resolution to get rid of all the overdue work so you can start a new period with a clean slate. Set your sights on the future and get rid of all the collected stuff and red tape.

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This weekend, make the most of the opportunities to meet up with family that have recently added extra charm to your life. Show gratitude for good company and shown cordiality.


Difficulties may arise regarding your career. It will be difficult to reach the listening ear of those who pull the strings. Realize in time that a weekend is meant to relax.


Someone’s helping hand will be nice, but keep an eye on how much you owe them. The same person may be attracted to you and if it’s not mutual, be honest.


The position of the moon can have a strange effect on you. Although some people’s intellect attracts you, you may doubt their integrity. Don’t be hasty in your judgment if you don’t know all the facts.


Rather listen to others than speak for yourself. A loved one may try to tell you something, but if you’re not paying attention, you won’t get it. Make every day a little party, with an emphasis on small.


There seem to be conflicting trends. Don’t act like a drill sergeant and let the days run their own pace. Those who get married are blessed with a long-term relationship. Bite your tongue when arguing.


Prepare yourself for an enjoyable weekend. A new artistic project has a good chance of being successful, although it can evoke mixed reactions. Don’t be tempted to gossip and keep confidentiality to yourself.

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