"But what have you come for?": ‘First Dates’ jumps through the air for some controversial pumpkins

“I would not have a second date with José, since he is not my type of person.” Margarita showed herself with this clarity during the ‘Final Decision’ after her appointment in ‘First Dates’, a few words that, in his opinion, would forever change the outcome of his evening in the restaurant of Four. And the thing is that for the single woman, the night had gone very well with José, although she had not finished conquering him physically.

After an encounter marked by José’s compliments, what she did not have is his pumpkins, who more or less argued the same as her: “I agree with her, I say the same. He is not my type and it is also that he takes me almost three years. I thought I was a little bit younger, he’s not my type. ”

José and Margarita, in ‘First Dates’. (Four)

These words did not sit well with Margarita, who was not shy about reproaching him for his comment: “What does age have to do with it?” “Not for you, but for me it is. I’ve always been with younger couples. I consider myself very young at the age of 50. I go to work and I am a hatchet. They call me the eagle because, among the team of eight waiters, I am the one who runs the most, the one who has the most tips, whoever goes with me has to hold on to his belt to keep up with me, “argued the bachelor.

José, to Margarita: “Of course I say age, because for me you are simply older”

“Do you know what I’m saying? That if I go to your job I’ll turn you over,” she snapped at him then, with him avoiding going into the rag: “My God, it could be.” “No, it could be no, I know what it is“, sentenced the single.

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After this scuffle, Margarita charged again: “Why have you come to look for a woman?” “Yes, that it entered me by the eye, simply”, answered José. “Well then, don’t say your age,” she replied again, increasingly annoyed with this issue. “Of course I say age, because for me you are simply older,” he repeated again.

The tension continued to increase, but far from closing the meeting with a smile, Margarita reproached him again for his words, explaining why, deep down, they had bothered her so much: “Well, nothing, I just want to say that you liked me, but since I said that I don’t like you, you said something else“. José avoided entering the rag, only referring her to ask the program’s editor for her previous statements, thus ending her evening in the format of Mediaset.

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