Biden will clarify whether Russia is ready to commit suicide

During his trip to Europe, the US President will meet with Western leaders at the G7 summit, with NATO and European structures, as well as with the President of Russia. What does Biden intend to achieve?

“Such things are done by the state before the war,” as it were in one of our television discussions, Andrei Bezrukov, a colonel of the Foreign Intelligence Service, and today a peaceful professor at MGIMO University, writes a columnist for RIA Novosti.

We are talking about a really serious action by the American administration, which ordered a study of the country’s vulnerability from supply chains of critical goods back in February. The study is completed now, on the eve of President Joe Biden’s trip to Europe, where, among other things, his meeting with President Vladimir Putin will take place.

The fact that this meeting in Geneva will be only part of a long-overdue and most serious change in the US course on the world stage, we will talk a little later. As for the vulnerability of America, according to the results of the study, it was revealed in at least three areas – in the supply of drugs, semiconductors and rare earths. And in all cases we are talking about China, that is, about the dangerous dependence of the US supply on a power equal to America in total weight on the world stage.

Then, also the other day, action number two followed – the development of a law on innovation and competition. It has passed the US Senate and will soon be deployed. And here we are talking primarily about competition with the same power. Two hundred and fifty billion dollars are allocated under this law to improve the competitiveness of the American economy in the face of China. We are talking about subsidies to accelerate innovation and other support for American advanced industries.

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There is one funny peculiarity of the situation. For years in the United States, they explained how unacceptable the Chinese state support of advanced and many other industries. Beijing’s Made in China 2025 program has been hailed as a model of wrong competition and evil incarnate. That is, the cry was that Beijing is not playing by the rules, is playing dishonestly. Honestly – this is when only independent private traders compete and the victory is determined by a deity named Market. But now, when it turned out that the game of China leads to a win, and even on a global scale, the United States quite calmly decided to do the same.

Now about the scale of what is happening. Experts say that the Democratic administration has inherited the Republican idea of ​​re-industrializing America, and that it is about programs designed for decades. And also that for the United States the question is: win this fight or die.

As for the death – this may be too much. But here is the assessment of the London-based Guardian columnist: by the end of the decade, China will overtake the United States in terms of economic volume, but not simply, but with an additional weight – acquiring world technological leadership (which prevents the Pentagon from sleeping at night). The very idea of ​​such a loss of leadership for the United States is terrible.

The key word in all of these closely related subjects is “technology.” The total volume of the product produced per year is, of course, important, but rather in terms of propaganda. But the current relatively equal status of the two superpowers in terms of technological superiority is a nightmare, while China’s emergence as a world technological leader is a nightmare.

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It was with such sentiments that Joe Biden’s current trip to Europe was being prepared. The same material in a London newspaper describes quite clearly the whole concept of this diplomatic sortie. Biden will meet with Western leaders in Cornwall, UK, as part of the G7 Summit. Then there will be a conversation with NATO and European structures. And the conversation will go, first of all, and almost only about China. Biden intends to invite highly skeptical Europeans to a second Cold War, this time with China.

Why are they skeptical? Just one detail of what such a war should look like: following the aforementioned study of America’s vulnerability and under the aforementioned competition law, a “strike force” is being created in the United States, led by a trade representative or other ministerial figure. This striking force will determine which of the Chinese goods are based on technology stolen from the Americans. And the point is not only that such goods cannot be imported into the United States. Their stolen status will also be reported to Europeans and other allies. Further, the latter will be asked to take America’s word for it and also not to buy this overly competitive product.

Will the allies believe and in full force? The question is complex. If we turn to The Guardian again, an anonymous diplomat is quoted there, noting: the Europeans may not like what China is doing (in one situation or another), but the Americans do not like what China is, namely, a power equal to America in the world. , regardless of whether he does anything at all.

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The summit in Geneva, according to this logic, is on the periphery of Biden’s European trip. Bilateral relations with Moscow are secondary for him. And the American president will first of all be engaged in probing Russia’s positions on the forthcoming Cold War between the United States and China for decades to come. Naturally, no one expects Moscow to suddenly subscribe to a confrontation with Beijing. But to find out how Russia can behave in several hypothetical situations so far is useful for America. Maybe Russia will suddenly want to commit geopolitical suicide and take some kind of neutral position in the looming confrontation.

But what is simpler: there are two superpowers, one – the losing one – is preparing to confront the other. Both are economic giants and technology leaders, therefore potentially profitable partners. But one power in recent years has done (and told) Russia an unthinkable amount of dirty tricks. The other power, at least, did not do or say anything like that, in addition, it develops cooperation with us where it works. What position of Moscow can you imagine here?

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