Between Sinead O´Connor y Bonnie Tyler

This week began with the announcement in some unsurprising way by the Irish singer Sinead O’Connor of her retirement from the stage accompanied by another piece of news that was explosive.

This is because in an interview with the New York Times newspaper as part of the promotion of the release of his autobiography O’Connor declared that the American singer-songwriter Prince, the same one who allowed him to interpret the ballad of his authorship that catapulted the singer to success like “Nothing compares to you” was in 1990, he was at the same time a “violent abuser” who made her suffer a terrifying experience. According to her, Prince invited her to his mansion in Hollywood to celebrate the success of “Nothing compares to you” he behaved in a very strange way from the time they sat at the table to dinner until when he invited her to “play pillow” in his bedroom, something which Sinead only agreed to do due to Prince’s insistence.

Once into the game, Sinead felt that when she was hit with one of the pillows it had a hard object that she had put in the cover and that was when she decided to flee the mansion, and although she did not have a vehicle to do so she was so terrified who ran off on foot in the middle of the night. However, that did not end there as Prince went out in his car to look for her and when he found her he even continued to chase her on foot down the road. “You have to be crazy to be a musician, but there is a difference between being crazy and being a violent abuser of women,” says the singer who also clarifies that fourteen years ago she had related part of this experience: he threw the fight and I told him to go to hell, “he confessed to the Mirror newspaper in 2007.

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Being clear and not submissive to situations that she considered threatened her integrity was what led her to tear a photograph of the then Pope John Paul II in a live broadcast of the popular program “Saturday Night Live” on October 3, 1992, in which he now expands on his autobiography and published a part in Rolling Stone magazine where he justifies it by saying that… “My intention had always been to destroy the photo of the Pope that my mother had because he represented lies, liars and abuse. The kind of people who kept those things were demons like my mother. I never knew how, when or where I would destroy it, but I was going to do it when the time was right. ” Her protest sparked such a wave of outrage among Catholics that even Madonna criticized her.

Weeks later, at a Bob Dylan tribute concert at Madison Square Garden, the audience booed her, and practically after performing in 1993 one of the songs from the soundtrack of the multiple Academy Award-nominated film “In the Name of the Father.” His popularity gradually decreased until recent days, when, in addition to publishing his memoirs, he announced his last concert for next year. We’ll be in contact.

To finish, and in happier notes, it was on Tuesday the 8th when another singer in her case of English origin like Bonnie Tyler had long tablecloths to celebrate her 70 years of life. Tyler is remembered for hits like the ballads “Wounded Heart”, from the late 70s, as well as “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, from the 80s, a decade in which their respective popularity also led her to be part of important soundtracks such as those of “Metropolis”, produced by Giorgio Moroder, and “Fooloose: Todos a baile”.

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