Animal shelter in Essen: sad development is looming – is a collapse soon?


Animal shelter in Essen: sad development is looming – is a collapse soon?

June 11, 2021 at 2:25 pm

A guide dog has to be able to do everything

A guide dog has to be able to do everything

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Essen. , Such a little one dog‘That would be cute …’ Jeanette Gudd, head of the Shelter food, unfortunately heard in abundance during the corona pandemic. Soon she already fears the next collapse.

When she thinks about the upcoming summer vacation, she gets a stomach ache. Because, as is well known, there are unfortunately always people for whom their own pet no longer fits into the stuff. “The animals are then tied up, released or handed over to us,” the manager knows from experience. But after the animal boom in the corona crisis, she expects many more such cases.

Animal shelter Essen: sad development is looming

When asked about the great demand for small animals in the current Corona period, she can only roll her eyes. People almost overrun the shelter with an interest in an animal. “We had around 30 inquiries every single day,” emphasizes Gudd. And that although the gates were closed in lockdown. However, individual appointments for mediation attempts have been agreed.

And the animal lovers didn’t care whether they brought home a cute little puppy, a kitten or a little rabbit. “The main thing is something that you can cuddle with during the time,” explains the animal expert with resignation.

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Precisely because people are at home and work in the home office, they think they have time for an animal. “But when the children go to school regularly again and the home office time is over, they may notice that it no longer fits,” fears Gudd.

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There have not yet been any direct inquiries as to whether the animal shelter will take back a pet. But there were quite a few inquiries as to whether holiday care was possible.

However, this is actually not common, the leader indicates. You then have to see if there is room. But in general, the animal shelter is only responsible for found animals. At the same time, it makes it clear that many owners want to avoid the fee that is incurred for donated animals and then hand over their dog as a found animal. The payment has to be because many animals are sick or have to be vaccinated before they are admitted.


This is the animal shelter in Essen:

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  • You can find the Albert Schweitzer animal shelter in Essen owned by the animal welfare association Gross-Essen eV at Grillostraße 24
  • You can reach the shelter by phone on 0201 – 83 72 35-0 or by email to
  • Donations are accepted through the following account:
  • Bank account Sparkasse Essen
  • IBAN: DE11 3605 0105 0004 9131 33


She is annoyed by the booming online business and the illegal trade in animals. Puppies could easily cost 3000 euros. “That’s terrifying. “But these animals would often have to be quarantined for rabies.

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Anyone who comes to the animal shelter and is interested in a pet is therefore asked very carefully. What does she advise people who think about an animal? “You have to be clear that it is a living being and that you have the time for it. Dogs live to be at least ten years old, if not older. That has to be considered carefully. “

Dogs and cats suffer when they come to the shelter

People should also bear in mind that the animals suffer if they are later deported to the animal shelter. Let’s hope that the people of Essen have thought about it carefully and that there is no danger of a flood of animals during the holidays in a few weeks’ time.


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