Ahmed as a couple? Did Léana push Sarah Fraisou’s ex into the arms of her friend?

Did Léana Zaoui betray her friend Sarah Fraisou by introducing her ex-husband to a friend of hers? She responds to the rumor.

Not a day goes by without social networks lending a new conquest to Ahmed, the ex-husband of Sarah Fraisou. We still remember that the latter was seen very close to Lila Taleb of the show Objective Rest of the World.

Subsequently, the web thought he was flirting with Maya Niiya, which he quickly denied.

Close to a certain Mimi?

Now, it is with another young woman that he exposed himself on social networks. Internet users could see it close to a sulphurous brunette who is called Mimi.

Ahmed as a couple?  Did Léana push Sarah Fraisou's ex into the arms of her friend?
Ahmed with Mimi @Snapchat

Internet users have obviously noticed this rapprochement, they who are waiting for only one thing, to see who he will be in a relationship with after his divorce from Sarah Fraisou.

In embarrassment, Léana answers

But if there is anyone that this situation bothers above all, it is Léana Zaoui. Indeed, the young woman is very friends with Sarah Fraisou. As soon as they find themselves on an adventure, they can’t help but jump into each other’s arms.

However, the one who has been slightly on edge with Sarah in the past for having forgotten that she had already met Ahmed before, is also friend with this famous Mimi.

An Internet user then asked Léana if she had been at the origin of the meeting between the latter and Ahmed. Léana wanted to restore the truth.

But that’s not okay, you’re really sick. I have nothing to do with this story, everyone is in Dubai and everyone knows each other. Mimi is my girlfriend, Sarah is my friend. My ass is between two chairs.

Ahmed as a couple?  Did Léana push Sarah Fraisou's ex into the arms of her friend?Ahmed as a couple?  Did Léana push Sarah Fraisou's ex into the arms of her friend?
Léana answers the question of a user @Instagram

Anyway, do not tell Sarah Fraisou about this story who claims to have moved on and no longer wants to know what is going on in her ex’s life.

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