5 streaming players that you can use on any TV on your vacation

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Even if you go on vacation, you don’t have to stop watching your favorite series and movies from the television in your apartment, town house, hotel or anywhere you have access to a TV. These streaming players will work wherever you have a WiFi network.

The streaming players They have saved us on many occasions from having to update an old TV. These products are capable of converting any old TV with an HDMI port, into a complete Smart TV with WiFi connection and applications.

If this summer you go on vacation and stay in an apartment, a hotel, a rural house or anywhere where you have a TV and a WiFi network, you can take your movies and series to enjoy them on the big screen.

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We talk about products such as Chromecast, Fire TV Stick or Xiaomi Mi TV Stick among others. Devices that do not take up anything in your luggage and that can be installed wherever you have access to a TV with a free HDMI connection and a WiFi network.

If you are in a hotel with a WiFi network where it only allows one session per room, you have solutions to connect them to a WiFi network.

Cheapest: Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

This streaming device is more powerful than the standard model of the previous generation, and has an Alexa remote, although without volume buttons, integrated.

Amazon has one of the cheapest streaming players you can get, the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite. It is a product that is very worthwhile for its price and functions, since for only 29.99 euros you have all the apps you may need and more.

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Fire TV Stick has a version of Android heavily modified by Amazon. Actually it behaves like any Android TV, therefore you can load applications manually, in addition to downloading them from its app store.

You have Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Disney +, DAZN, Mitele, Movistar + and many more applications available in their catalog.

This version supports 1080p video and has a remote with a microphone so you can talk to Alexa.

To use the mobile as a remote control: Google Chromecast 3

This device will allow you to send multimedia content from your mobile to the TV, also controlling playback without a remote control.

The well-known Chromecast is one of the best entertainment products to come out of Google. This small product allows you to send application content from your mobile to your TV via WiFi.

Chromecast 3 is the latest version released by Google and it supports 1080p video. Your mobile does not spend streaming data, it is the player itself that connects and downloads the videos.

Although the official price of Chromecast 3 is 39 euros, in Media Markt you can get it for only 34.99 euros and with free shipping. In PcComponentes you have it for 34.98 euros, but with shipping costs for 3.95 euros.

Con Android y 4K: Google Chromecast con Google TV

The latest version and the most improved player from Google in its Chromecast range is this Chromecast con Google TV. A player for TV that is actually a mini computer with Android capable of showing all your streaming applications and making recommendations.

The point in favor of Chromecast with Google TV is that it is very easy to use with its new interface and supports 4K video.

Its price is 70 euros, but in Media Markt it remains at 64.99 euros. Do not miss the analysis of Chromecast with Google TV that we have published on ComputerHoy.com if you want to know everything about this device.

Cheap and with Android: Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

This device will allow you to play content on your TV without depending on the mobile. In addition, the virtual assistant Google Assistant is integrated.

The player Xiaomi Mi TV Stick It is a good option for anyone looking for a practically pure and cheap Android player. It is without a doubt the cheapest way to have Android on your TV or take your streaming applications with you anywhere.

It uses Android TV 9.0, it is compatible with 1080p video and it has the Google assistant integrated with which you can talk with the button on your remote control and of course, being Android it also has Chromecast integrated.

It is a very cheap option that you can get for only 29 euros on eBay with free shipping from Spain.

In other stores they have good prices, although not so low. For example, in Media Markt for 34.99 euros. Do not think that in import stores like AliExpress it is cheaper. The best option from China costs 33 euros. Another option from Spain is in PcComponentes, where it costs 33.28 euros but with shipping costs.

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Para gamers: NVIDIA Shield TV

Get NVIDIA Shield TV for 149.99 euros on Amazon

Without a doubt, it is the most “extreme” option of all. East NVIDIA Shield TV It is an option for a very select audience such as gamers. With this curious tube design, inside is a powerful NVIDIA Tegra X1 + processor, the same one that uses consoles like Nintendo Switch.

It uses Android as the operating system and has access to Google Play to download all your applications, but also to GFORCE Now, NVIDIA’s streaming games platform and games from Google Play itself.

The price has nothing to do with the rest, but this player is closer to being a console than a simple streaming player. You can get it on sale for 149.99 euros on Amazon.

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